Deeper Network Kickstarts The Great Web 2 to Web 3 Migration

Deeper Network Kickstarts The Great Web 2 to Web 3 Migration

Deeper puts VC vesting drama to rest
Deeper Pico- raising $2 million+ on Kickstarter and Indiegogo
The Great Migration From Web 2.0 to Web 3.0
Drawing from the Apple and Google Playbook
Deeper Network’s killer apps for 2022
Decentralized Virtual Private Network (DPN)
YouTube AdBlock & Decentralized Ad Systems
Advertising for Creators
Dapp Stores
Decentralized Domains
Helium Partnership and Security
Anti-Geo Spoofing
IPFS File Sharing


Decentralized Web 3 ecosystem Deeper Network is geared for a strong 2022 as the Web 3.0 narrative begins to dominate both crypto and traditional tech markets.

Deeper Network, the groundbreaking Web 3.0 platform, has unveiled an ambitious roadmap for 2022 after a series of positive events put a stamp on the first year. This includes a record-breaking new crowdfunding campaign and the unveiling of several Web 3 “killer apps” that help to generate network effect on its spreading decentralized ecosystem.

The Silicon Valley-based project ended 2021 strong with the success of its Deeper Connect Pico Kickstarter campaign, with over 6,000+ backers and over $2,300,000+ in early sales. The Pico campaign recently concluded on Kickstarter and has now moved over to Indiegogo for an extended run.

Some other highlights of 2021 Q4 included the Kucoin listing, Binance Smart Chain (BSC) integration, the major Deeper Chain upgrade, a partnership with fellow Web 3.0 network Helium, which will enable Deeper devices to dual-mine both HNT and DPR.

Deeper closed out 2021 by announcing it had over 55,000+ nodes on the network — more than a 1000% increase in active nodes compared to December 2020!

Deeper puts VC vesting drama to rest

After a controversial earlier community decision to freeze private allocation releases in response to private investor apathy and token dumping, Deeper Network has since announced a definitive solution to the issue and gone on a charm offensive to mend relations with investors and influencers.

Private and public sale allocations will unlock three months after tier 1 CEX (Binance, Coinbase, FTX, OKEx, Huobi) or September 6, 2022 — whichever comes sooner. The project’s marketing team has reaffirmed their commitment to securing a Tier-1 listing before the deadline, and remain very optimistic about their chances.

The team has been working on big partnerships with other projects and investment funds as well as rebuilding relationships with KOLs in private Telegram groups to get everyone pulling in the same direction, as CMO Eric Ma explains in the video below.

Deeper Connect Pico- raising $2 million+ on Kickstarter and Indiegogo

One of the smallest, lightest, and most unique hardware gateways in the cybersecurity space, the Deeper Connect Pico integrates a 7-layer, enterprise-grade firewall to protect their personal information from theft or abuse. It has so far raised over $2.6 million on Indiegogo and Kickstarter and the campaign is still live for a limited time only.

Pico builds on the legacy of the Deeper Connect family of products with the same plug-and-play setup and all the convenient features, as well as an included Wi-Fi adapter, ideal for frequent travelers.


The Great Migration From Web 2.0 to Web 3.0  

Learning from the Apple and Google Playbook

In the early days of Web 2.0 Apple and Google had success with their biggest undertaking, which was to move everyone from Web 1.0 into Web 2.0 through their Google Play Store and App Store ecosystems. This also proved to be their smartest play.

Web 2.0 allowed people to download and actually create content — their own content — and add it to the Internet. It was more interactive and allowed people to contribute, versus the kind of static pages we were used to in Web 1.0.

However, the problem with Web 2.0 was that everything happened within walled gardens, and soon enough a new generation of Web 2 giants started censoring their users while collecting and reselling their data for all it was worth. As the old adage goes, if it’s free, then you are the product.

Enter Web 3.0, the decentralized Internet incarnate. Previously only a pipe dream, blockchain technology is making it a reality. This poses a serious problem for Meta, Apple and Google and their hegemony over the Internet. For these companies profits come first and therefore they will never truly “own” Web 3.0, an iteration of the Internet that has at its core the will to rectify the mistakes of Web 2.0.

That being said, Google and Apple’s Web 1 to Web 2 playbook offers a lot of wisdom for Web 3.0 innovators willing to learn from history. It’s no surprise then that the Deeper Network ecosystem is aiming to build a gateway from Web 2.0 to bring everyone over to Web 3.0, through the power of groundbreaking Dapps (Decentralized Applications) — just like what Apple and Google once did with Apps.

Deeper Network intends to do it by rolling out a long list of Web 3.0 “killer Dapps” in 2022. Here’s what the Web 3.0 ecosystem currently has out there or in the works.

Deeper Network’s killer Dapps for 2022

Decentralized Virtual Private Network (DPN)

A lot of projects claim to be fully decentralized, but are not. The Deeper Connect project can certainly back up its claim. It made waves in 2021 upon its launch, with its innovative blend of proprietary hardware, custom software, and monetization through cryptocurrency technology that promised a completely new paradigm for data-private and censorship-resistant virtual private networks (VPNs).

Deeper’s decentralized private network (DPN) runs on its Deeper Chain. Users earn its native $DPR currency through the network’s clever Proof-of-Credit (PoCR) mining mechanism by staking the coin, sharing bandwidth to the network, and providing other services. Deeper ultimately promises to create a global network of millions of nodes of decentralized VPNs around the world. The more nodes added, the more robust, more decentralized, and more efficient and secure the Deeper Network becomes. And that’s just one Dapp!

YouTube AdBlock & Decentralized Ad Systems

In late 2021, Deeper Network launched its YouTube AdBlock feature, a welcome addition for viewers tired of getting bombarded with irrelevant or downright dangerous scam ads. This is only the first step though in not only blocking the display of centralized ads, but also allowing Deeper users to control what they see and how they benefit from their attention.

Next up is the ultimate final stage of that product, which will launch in early 2022- the decentralized advertising ecosystem. This will allow users on the network to upload their own ads without any third party like Google, Apple, or Facebook telling them whether they can or cannot advertise.

Instead, if you have DPR, you can create ads, upload them, and those ads will be shown. Users on the network will be able to view these ads and earn DPR while they view or interact with them. They also have the option to simply block the ads.

Advertising for Creators

For ad creators, Deeper’s decentralized advertising opens up several benefits.
First off, they will have more leeway, and won’t be censored or dictated to regarding whether they can advertise or not.
Moreover, despite the high precision of targeted advertising, the cost will also be much lower. Finally, the sharing economy created in the process actually helps the entire ecosystem, with new revenue generated and earned by network members.

For the sharing economy, there would also be viral post rewards, creating incentives for viewers who would then earn DPR in return. So everybody wins. This is in principle very similar to the VPN sharing economy created for centralized VPN users. DPN users pay what we call micropayments for data consumption. Here’s how it works.


Right now, Deeper’s micropayments per tunnel are equal to 0.2 DPR (currently around $0.02!).

The data that’s actually charged is one terabyte of data that equals one DPR (currently $0.10), which compared to commercial VPNs is much lower. Deeper users who are sharing bandwidth will earn DPR and be rewarded in micropayments.

Dapp Stores

Another major milestone on the Deeper roadmap for 2022 is the launch of its own Dapp store, which will establish a decentralized and fair marketplace where developers can upload their Dapps and users can download them after paying with DPR earned through ad displays or bandwidth sharing.

Developers will spend DPR to upload their wares, and there will be a reporting DAO for control and governance. And if users upload malicious Dapps, they not only will lose their DPR, but through the vote of the DAO, they may get kicked off the network as well.

Decentralized Domains

There’s been a virtual goldrush for blockchain domains in recent months, as crypto users snapped up blockchain-themed domain names with gusto at high prices.

Unfortunately, some of the incumbents in this new market are actually quite centralized and function purely as a service that allows people to easily purchase decentralized domains through the Ethereum network. There’s not much Web 3.0 involved, which is something that Deeper Network wants to change by providing this service on the Deeper chain, which will help to circumvent the exorbitant current ETH gas prices.


Helium Partnership and Security

Anti-Censorship Mining

Deeper and Helium, a super-ambitious Web 3.0 project that aims to connect the world through a decentralized network of 5G hotspots, seemed destined to intersect at some point, with so much of their objectives aligned. This finally happened in Q4 2021, with the new Deeper Connect HNT Miner becoming the first dual crypto miner that supports Helium mining.

Helium is an important partnership not only because of the communities it brings and the newfound ability to mine HNT it provides to Deeper users, but it also serves as proof that Deeper Network’s infrastructure is not a walled garden but open and expandable.

Deeper Network has since been able to integrate Helium’s tech on top of its infrastructure in return for added value.

More importantly, the partnership has bolstered security to Helium’s network in return as well. Much of Deeper’s tech involves cutting-edge security, not only from a hardware point of view, but from a backend perspective as well.

With the collaboration, the Helium Network gains the ability to mine regardless of the form of censorship. With Deeper Network’s DPN at the foundation, both networks can remain to function the way it’s intended without any interruptions to mining. In addition, the Deeper Connect devices offer enterprise class cyber-security with deep packet inspection to its users which keeps their devices and network free from malicious attack.

IPFS File Sharing

Projects like Filecoin and Arweave have seen massive growth in 2021 for their plans to offer decentralized file storage forever.

However, with a network as robust and flexible as Deeper’s, they also can really spread their wings and enter a lot of valuable niche areas, which also include things that IPFS is doing. Deeper Network is starting to build a form of IPFS with its own storage devices. These will allow users to send and receive encrypted files via p2p, which is convenient and secure without any third parties. This will also be the beginnings of Deeper Network’s own decentralized cloud services which will use bitTorrent-type technology to help safely keep network user’s data private and really accessible.


The above are just a few of the key killer applications that Deeper intends to roll out for its blossoming and rapidly growing network of Web 3.0 users. The project has made no secret of the fact that it aims to create a full-stack solution for Web 3.0, not only looking at one app or use case as many others, but a full ecosystem with all the bells and whistles needed for the decentralized Web. This includes NFT marketplaces, staking and yielding services, and opening its already open-source chain further.

Not only this, but Deeper Chain is now EVM-compatible, which will allow a vast array of the most innovative third-party developers and projects to join and create products.


Deeper Network has been working hard on creating the next wave of Deeper hardware and software and killer applications to take the network around the world, creating hundreds of thousands of nodes all sharing P2P bandwidth, safely using a groundbreaking firewalled network to participate in the Internet as it was intended — and all while earning daily DPR rewards.

With many hardware pieces of Deeper’s puzzle coming together just in time for 2022 — namely the Deeper Connect Mini, Nano, Pico and Genesis miner models, as well as a stacked roadmap (and who knows, a possible NASDAQ listing?)– expectations are higher than ever again for the long-term future of the Deeper Network and the world of Web 3.0 that it is helping to build.

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