Deeper Network reaches Partnership with Best Buy

Deeper Network reaches Partnership with Best Buy

Since the beginning we had a mission in mind and that was to make private, secure and fair internet, available to every household in every single community around the world. We know that for the most part the public is not completely aware of the security and privacy crisis the internet is currently facing and how this affects every one of us giving the exponential growth of cyber-crime, the increasing value of personal data and the complexity of the networks and intelligent systems we depend upon on a daily basis.

That is why we wanted to make sure that in order to remain safe while on the net our average user would not need to be an expert or an elusive tech savvy person living in a basement (we are kidding we know that is just a stereotype). Cyber-security and online privacy is, as a matter of fact, everybody’s business as the Internet is our collective creation and it is in the interest of everyone to keep it safe and fair.

It is with great pleasure that we announce our recent partnership with Best Buy Canada. Yes, in the near future we will offer our devices to retail customers using this highly reputable electronic store as we believe this will increase our visibility and awareness among the public.

We want to keep exploring new avenues to commercialize our project, but we have not forgotten our mission and our community of backers and supporters which has made all this possible. Please stay with us as in this extraordinary journey, as we create the democratic Internet we all deserve and the way it was meant to be.

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