Deeper Network Monthly Newsletter: 2024/1/01–2024/2/29

Deeper Network Monthly Newsletter: 2024/1/01–2024/2/29

Deeper Network’s bi-monthly newsletter is a brief bulletin containing the latest community developments, technical updates, and market status of our project. It is periodically released at the beginning of every other month for our community members. We would like to thank every member of the Deeper Network community for your contributions and support. Here are the latest updates:

Technical Updates


  1. The Deeper Connect Mini V6, Pico- completed trial production pressure testing and will be put into mass trial production
  2. Research and design on 2.5Gbps high-performance products will recontinue development


AtomOS Development Progress: 

  • Firmware version 1.2.5.rel has entered the final testing stage
  • Reconstructed the traffic statistics module, progress: 90% (will be released in 1.2.5.rel)
  • APP-Relocator, cryptocurrency exchanges module development, progress: 80%
  • Easy access domain configuration smart route list development, progress: 75%
  • Smart route list configuration direct tunnel development, progress: 90% (will be released in 1.2.5.rel)
  • ACL Device Specific Routing development, progress: 90% (will be released in 1.2.5.rel)
  • App-Relocator application IP segment support, progress: 60%
  • Https filtering disables/enables a specific application development, progress: 70%
  • DPN node delay improvement development, progress: 70%
  • Scheduled restart development, progress: 80%
  • New GUI development, progress: 85%


  • Changed default from 'Node Selection Mode' to 'Domain-Aware Mode'
  • Adjusted memory usage
  • Added edit feature for Smart Route List and Smart IP List
  • Added multi-language support
  • Improved system monitoring
  • Reorganized 'Password' & 'Reboot' in the menu
  • Direct country selection support added on tunnel page
  • Tunnel support by US region added

Deeper Chain

Important tech submission:

In January

1.Deeper wallet: Completed MVP version (for ETH and BNB ecosystems)
    • Completed wallet registration, wallet transfer/receipt, transaction history query
    • Implemented wallet backup feature, including mnemonic backup, forgot password function
    • Implemented wallet management feature, including wallet address switching, adding new addresses, editing address names, backing up addresses
    • Implemented token management feature, including adding custom and existing tokens
    • Implemented token details page feature, including native token and contract token transaction details
    • Supervised PoCr halving while Deeper Chain executed network-wide PoCr rewards halving on January 25th
    • Removed NPoW withdrawal limits
    • Added transaction suspension feature to cope with on-chain emergency events
    3.Deeperscan-adsc: Providing query function for ADSC transactions
      • Transaction record query: Implementing the query feature of transaction records under specific addresses, supporting SS58 and public key address formats
      • Time range and sequencing: Adding timestamp conversion to achieve query and sequencing logic with time range
      • SQL query construction: Building SQL-based query logic to extract relevant transaction information from blockchain data
      • Result formatting: Formatting query results, including block ID, transaction address, amount, and time
      • API documentation: Writing API documentation, including interface description, request parameters, response structure, and usage examples
      4.DPR-ETH-bridge: Implemented new version of cross-chain bridge rules and functions
        • Instant cross-chain transfer: Transfer from BSC to Deeper Chain without burning mechanism to ensure instant transfer
        • Dynamic burning rate configuration: Allowing users to set burning rates from 0% to 10,000% for all Deeper Chain to BSC cross-chain transactions
        • Transaction cycle management: Set 12 hours as one transaction cycle to process all cross-chain transfer requests within the cycle
        • Quota and transfer restrictions: Stipulating a maximum transfer limit of 600,000 DPR per cycle, with a maximum of 10,000 DPR per address
        • Priority sorting mechanism: Setting priorities based on burning rate and transaction amount, using random sorting when exceeding the limit
        • DeeperGPT: Added training set and retraining aligned_issue_solutions
        • Tax-server: Added Balance History Download feature in AtomOS (, providing users with csv format transaction history

        In February

        1.Deeper wallet, addressing issues found in the MVP version (for ETH and BNB ecosystems), including:
               1.1 Bug fixes and performance optimization:
          • Resolved the issue of privatekeycreate import failure, enhancing system stability
          • Addressed abnormal display of add token lists during network switches by resolving variable sharing issues with different parameters for different networks, fixing the sticky state issue during network switches
          • Changed token price retrieval logic from looping to concurrent execution, significantly improving performance
          • Code cleanup, removing redundant code and adding necessary comments to enhance code maintainability

                1.2 Interface and user experience improvements:

          • Abstracted address display logic to utils.js, simplifying the display addresses
          • Adjusted private key display, backup account private key feature. The displays of current abbreviated addresses, enhancing user interface friendliness
          • Enhanced interface dynamics, introducing dynamic token flags to allow flag changes on the receiving page with token changes
          • Implemented centralized management of token flags dependencies, reducing code redundancy and optimizing resource management
          • Fixed network switch response issues, the current network display correctly follows blockchain network switches
          • Resolved abnormal token flag display issues under the BNB network, improving token display when switching blockchain wallets
          • Addressed interface adaptability, fixed text border issues caused by page size changes, enhancing user interface adaptability
          • Resolved redirection issues when backing up accounts due to forgetting passwords, optimizing user experience
          • Added burning record interface, providing user-friendly burning record viewing
          • Optimized burning record table, displaying original amount and Ethereum unit converted amount side by side
          • Fixed some abnormal address field error reporting, and unable to download tables bug

          Technical Scheme Discussion: 

          • Designed and implemented new version rules for community validators
          • Designed and implemented new version rules for cross-chain bridges
          • Researched on the invocation and caching design of hardware wallet transaction APIs and data APIs
          • Discussed solutions for the 1010 issue-invalid transaction (Transaction had a bad signature.)

          Technical document reference:

          Community News

          • Published monthly lock screen wallpapers and Deeper Network branding
          • Deeper Network Chief Evangelist Eric Ma held a live voice AMA on Twitter Space to update Deeper’s latest news and answer community questions
          • Created social media polls on Deeper Connects & AtomOS-related features to increase interaction and educate community's understanding of the device features.
          • Deeper YouTube channel released two new Deeper Connect device feature tutorials per week
          • Continue to educate the community on cybersecurity and shared articles: Malware Exploits Undocumented Google Oauth Endpoint to Regenerate Google Cookies Info-stealers can steal cookies for permanent access to your Google account》《Just 10% of $190M Lost in Nomad Bridge Exploit Saved So Far》《Why Now is the Best Time to Invest in Deeper Network》《Hackers Exploiting Ivanti VPN Flaws to Deploy KrustyLoader Malware》《Decentralized physical infrastructure network (DePIN), explained
          • Shared that all device price increase due to rising raw material costs
          • Announced updates cross-chain bridge, enhancing the usability priority of the bridge by burning DPR
          • Launched Deeper Network’s newly added social media platform on TikTok and encouraged community to follow
          •  Shared that the halving started and will be beneficial for DPR ecosystem
          • Shared the updates on Deeper Connect Air shipment (second and third batches had been shipped accordingly)
          • Shared that Deeper Network is the world's first wired DePIN project and provided related information for the community
          • Shared posts on using Deeper Connect features
          • Shared user’s testimonials and encouraged the community to share their user experiences
          • Shared limited-time discount promotion: $30 discount code
          • Launched Valentine's Day limited-time promotion
          • Shared Deeper’s whitepaper and how to check staking related info link
          • Announced that Deeper Connect Air has raised $1 million on the first crowdfunding platform in the United States, Indiegogo.
          • Retweeted LetsExchange collaboration post
          • Shared the Deeper’s weekly blockchain data and statistics
          • KOL YouTube support: DeeperNaut, Diego, Make Life Smart, All Checkout, Renegade News

          Marketing News 

          In January

          • Indiegogo crowdfunding: shipped to over 5,000 backers across more than 50 countries. This reflects the continuous increase in DPN network
          • DPN App: continuing on developing the DPN software, incorporating more features and improving user experience
          • Amazon store: the Deeper Network’s Amazon stores (including Amazon US and Canada) underwent a comprehensive redesign, including product reintegration, restructuring of subsequent service processes, and subsequent addition of other products to the platform
          • New market expansion: expanding into the Asian market, especially in India to expand nodes. In addition to the relatively mature markets of North America, Europe, and the Middle East, the Asian market holds great potential and opportunities


          In February

          • Indiegogo crowdfunding: with all the worldwide backers’ support, the campaign raised exceeded one million
          • DPN App: in discussion to provide a special offer to hardware users 
          • New market expansion: collaborated with partnerships and connected with several distributors. Devices will be launched on Indian online platforms 
          • Deeper Connect Mini pre-ordering: due to global demand, Deeper Connect Mini is now only available for pre-order. Shipping will start at the end of March