Deeper Network Roadmap

Deeper Network Roadmap


  • Deeper Network Android & iOS App Development and Testing
  • Decentralized Oracle Beta Testing (DEP)
  • Validator Program Phase 2 Implementation
  • Governance Upgrade (Council Identity, Voting and Core Team Implementation)
  • NPoW (Next-generation Proof of Work) Beta Launch


  • Deeper Network Android & iOS App Launch
  • Deeper Connect Air Indiegogo Crowdfunding
  • DPN Price Comparison Feature
  • Decentralized Oracle Launch (DEP) Partnership & Sales
  • EZC Retail Use-Case Development
  • dCDN (decentralized Content Delivery Network) Research & Development
  • 3rd Generation Mini Launch (Memory, Storage and Performance Upgrade)
  • Deeper Connect Pro & D-Cloud Service Launch
  • Targeting 1mil Mobile App Users, 100k hardware nodes by the end of 2023


  • Research & Development of Open-Source SoC Design Based on RiscV
  • Enterprise DEP services for Hybrid Cloud Computing
  • B2B dCDN + D-Cloud Services
  • Full PoCr Consensus Mechanism to NPoW Migration
  • Earthlink decentralized WiFi sharing (Edge Computing, Data Sharing and Storage Network)
  • Targeting 3mil Mobile App Users, 200k hardware nodes by the end of 2024