Deeper Network Shines at Consensus 2022

Deeper Network Shines at Consensus 2022

With the conclusion of Consensus 2022 in Austin, Texas, comes a period to gather insight from the conference and contests within, and to move forward with a greater understanding of the companies and communities stewarding Web3 and blockchain technology towards new heights.

Deeper Network was proud to not only sponsor Consensus 2022, but to take part in, and win, the inaugural Web3 Pitch Fest hosted by Extreme Tech Challenge and Coindesk. Deeper Network shined in the pitch contest, with CEO Cheryl Liu taking the charge and presenting in front of acclaimed industry leaders Bill Tai, Meltem Demirors, Rumi Morales, and Frances Ho, who were surgical in their questioning.

Deeper Network, as one of the winners, received an exclusive invitation to participate in the Extreme Tech Challenge (XTC) Web 3 Showcase Day during ‘Neckerverse’ at Richard Branson’s storied Necker Island event in the Caribbean on 5th August 2022. At Necker Island Deeper Network will pitch and network with global leaders across Web3, crypto, and blockchain industries. On top of that, Neckerverse will consist of meet and greets with investors, mentoring and workshops, and the chance to pitch the Virgin impact team and other global heavyweight investors.

CEO Cheryl Liu said of the contest, “We are incredibly honored to have had the opportunity to show the world what Deeper Network has and is building, and that we will continue to be a mainstay in Web3.” She added, “Our team looks forward to the opportunities Neckerverse presents to the Deeper Network and our global community.”

Deeper Network was a sponsor at Consensus and had a booth at the main exhibition hall as well. Existing community members came by to meet the team, ask questions, purchase devices, and passionately onboard curious new community members passing by. Overall Deeper Network sold over a thousand Deeper Connect devices to attendees of Consensus along with B2B deals with over $2 million dollars. Each device serves as a decentralized private network node, meaning over the weekend over one thousand+ nodes were added to the network, bringing the total to well over 70,000 and growing daily around the globe.

Attendees of all ages and demographics recognized the need for network security, privacy protection and a decentralized internet. The full-stack web3 ecosystem Deeper Network is developing will bridge the Web2 to Web3 chasm and make the Deeper Connect devices a mainstream device in every home. These devices are a gateway to participation in the Deeper Network’s Web3 ecosystem, providing a truly decentralized, fairer internet for all. The Deeper Connect Mini and Deeper Connect Pico are DPNs, providing enterprise-level network security at home and on-the-go, and giving owners the ability to earn a passive income by mining $DPR, Deeper Network’s native token.

Eric Ma, CMO of Deeper Network said, “Being on the ground and meeting our community members is the most enjoyable experience at these events. Not only are we designing great tech for the future of the internet, but the Deeper Network is also providing a device which gives people back their right to privacy and security.” Eric also added that “By providing passive income to those who are sharing their bandwidth to the network, our device also helps those who struggle to afford internet to have these incentives cover the costs.”

Attendees did not just include Web3 enthusiasts and crypto investors, but also companies looking to build strategic partnerships with Deeper Network, recognizing a synergy in the vision of empowering people around the world with a fairer internet and data protection. The Deeper Network’s vibrant community and exemplary performance at Consensus 2022 have brought discussions and more opportunities for the near future.

Consensus 2022 was another milestone in the journey to become the leader in Web3. The success goes out to Deeper Network’s team, community, and every single node of the 70,000+ nodes currently on the network. The Deeper Network continues to adapt and expand regardless of market conditions. Projected to reach one million nodes by the end of 2023, there is no doubt the Deeper Network is leading the charge for Web3 dominance and planning the way for the next generation of the internet.

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