Rules & Scope of Deeper Network Developer’s Community

Rules & Scope of Deeper Network Developer’s Community

The Deeper Network developer’s community was created to advance the development of the Deeperchain software ecosystem. To become part of the developer community is to become part of the Deeperchain Developer DAO. By joining, one can earn experience in software development as well as earn rewards for their contribution.

How to Apply:

Before applying, those interested in becoming a DeeperChain Developer should visit and read through the information in the following link to understand the intricacies of blockchain development with Substrate:

To apply to become part of the developer’s community, please carefully fill out this application form:

Applications are screened for suitability and skill level. If selected, you will receive an email from our team. Once approved, developers can customize their own NFT avatar here:

The developer’s hub can be found here:

Reward System:

AtomOS & DeeperChain Testnet Testers (reward levels 1–3) and Deeperchain Developers (reward levels 1–5) are the two classifications of developers in the Deeper Network developer’s community. This document helps clarify the difference between the two classifications of developers for the Deeperchain.

Rewards will be divided into different levels based on the tester/developer’s involvement within the Deeper Network ecosystem. The more involvement and higher the value of development, the higher the rewards.

The rewards will be paid in $DPR from the marketing operation + cooperation + token treasury allocation which is 5% of the entire 10 billion token allocation. 1,040,000 $DPR will be allocated in the first year (2022) as rewards for the developer community. (52 weeks x 20,000 $DPR/month) Tips are proposed and reviewed here:

General Rewards ($DPR):

Users who participate in the developer community can start with level 1 tasks and gradually increase to higher-level tasks. Testnet testers are eligible to receive levels 1–3 rewards while Deeperchain developers are eligible to receive levels 1–5 rewards.

Reward Level Categories:
Level 1 — Community Participant: Participate-to-Earn
Level 2 — Feedback Participant: Feedback-to-Earn
Level 3 — Promotional Participant: Promote-to-Earn
Level 4 — Contributing Participant: Contribute-to-Earn
Level 5 — Building Participant: Build-to-Earn

AtomOS & DeeperChain Testnet Tester Rewards:

Level 1 Community Participant:20 $DPR (Participate-to-Earn)
Examples of Level 1 tasks:
- Gathering community feedback on Deeper Network’s products and features.
- Creating a detailed document of a function of AtomOS or Deeperchain at (official forum).
- Create a set of Telegram emoji stickers for Deeper Network.

Level 2 Feedback Participant:50 $DPR (Feedback-to-Earn)
Examples of Level 2 tasks:
- Gathering feedback on bugs and other issues on the DeeperChain and providing it in an organized report to the Deeper Network devops team.
- Submitting front-end bug reports for AtomOS or DeeperChain with any suggested code fixes.

Level 3 Reward examples:100 $DPR (Promote-to-Earn)
Examples of Level 3 tasks:
- Create content such as Deeper Network product tutorials and reviews then publish them to widely used online platforms.
- Create DeeperChain related content such as articles and videos then publish them to widely used online platforms.

DeeperChain Developer Rewards:

Level 4 Reward example:300 $DPR (Contribute-to-Earn)
Examples of Level 4 tasks:
- Develop and submit code for mobile phone or computer users which monitor Deeper Chain revenue on non-local area networks.
- Design a visual system for our official website.

Level 5 Reward examples:800 $DPR (Build-to-Earn)
Examples of Level 5 tasks:
- Migration of Ethereum ecosystem decentralized application onto DeeperChain.
- Participate in the construction of the DeeperChain DApp ecosystem.
- Improvement of UI & UX with follow-up testing, feedback and solution to bugs.

Continuous Credit Rewards: 8 Credit Points per month + Deeper IPO-NFT (once reaching 3 successful consecutive months as an approved developer):
- Actively looking for improvements through the daily use of DeeperChain.
- Collect users’ feedback on DeeperChain and Deeper Network products from our community forum.
- Collaborate with the Deeper Network Marketing & Operations teams on product campaigns.

- DeeperChain Developers are able to earn level 1–5 rewards.
- The above are just examples of tasks that can be done. Actual tasks and projects will be proposed and requested in the developer community and Github.

Review of coding will be done by the Deeper Network DevOps team. Tips submitted by participants will be listed in the “treasury” section under “governance” after it’s approved by the review team. Deeper Network reserves the right to decide who receives tips and rewards.

Exit Mechanism:
DeeperChain Developers who have not submitted any code review within 1 month are downgraded to AtomOS & DeeperChain Testnet Testers.

AtomOS & DeeperChain Testnet Testers who have not submitted a test report or any tip requests for 2 consecutive months will be removed from the team.