Deeper Network Bi-Monthly Newsletter: 2023/09/01–2023/10/31

Deeper Network Bi-Monthly Newsletter: 2023/09/01–2023/10/31

Deeper Network’s bi-monthly newsletter is a brief bulletin containing the latest community developments, technical updates, and market status of our project. It is periodically released at the beginning of every other month for our community members. We would like to thank every member of the Deeper Network community for your contributions and support. Here are the latest updates:

Technical Updates


Deeper Connect Air- in mass production and will start shipping as soon as possible

Deeper Connect Mini & Pico high-performance WiFi adapter debugged and mass-produced

DPR Mini SE & Mini Cooling Base improvement and currently undergoing performance stress testing.


AtomOS Development Progress: 

  • 1.2.2.rel version was been released
  • Backup tunnel feature development, progress: 95% (was released with 1.2.2.rel firmware)
  • Ad filter rule auto-update feature development, progress: 50%
  • Bit Torrent Sharing disabled feature optimization and internal testing, progress: 90%
  • The traffic statistics module is reconstructed, progress: 50%
  • Domain configuration in smart route list feature development, progress: 50%
  • APP-relocator, cryptocurrency exchanges module development, progress: 60%
  • APP-relocator,  the discount module is newly added, progress: 95% (was released with 1.2.2.rel firmware)
  • Game acceleration feature research, data preparation, progress: 80%
  • GUI optimization, progress: 70%



  • Added browser cache warning message
  • Added YouTube app to App Relocator
  • Changed sharing bandwidth limit range
  • Fixed web filter issue
  • Fixed empty notification on the dashboard
  • Fixed the issue of too many incoming tunnels
  • Modified public IP change
  • Modified upstream SSID change
  • Implemented backup tunnels for DPN Smart Route
  • Implemented URL conversion for Domain/IP Config pages
  • Improved CPU mode for Pico
  • Improved DHCP
  • Improved security
  • Improved HTTPS ads filter to support YouTube IOS APP v18+
  • Supported AP under vwire mode
  • Supported new Wi-Fi dongle
  • Updated App Relocator page
  • Updated DPN mode page
  • Updated DPN tunnel page
  • Updated HTTPS ads filter guide for MacOS
  • Updated reboot process
  • Updated sharing log format
  • Updated world map chart

Deeper Chain

Important tech submission:

In September 

  • Fixed DPR-Eth-bridge multiple stabilities


In October: 


Technical Scheme Discussion: 

ADSC NFT research and design

Design the implementation of ADSC staking scheme

Discuss the design of burning DPR supplementary

Discuss the design of conditions for ADSC rewards

Design the solution for NPoW rewards withdrawal issue 

Technical document reference:

Community News

Marketing News

In September: 

  • Indiegogo campaign: After officially launching on the 8th, the project gained over 2,500+ backers in less than a month. The Deeper Connect Air has been selected as a star project and displayed on the homepage.
  • Deeper Connect Air updates: collected feedback from KOLs and made adjustments and upgrades in terms of device heat dissipation and component materials and in the process of mass production.
  • KOL collaboration: collaborating with KOLs from different countries, including North America, Europe, Asia, and South America, etc. to release reviews and unboxing videos for the Deeper Connect Air, which became a popular keyword search on YouTube and Google.
  • Major client collaborations: there are numerous new distributors in the Middle East. The market indicates that the demand for decentralized VPN devices is gradually increasing. 
  • Amazon expansion: successfully launched in Amazon US and Canada. Additionally, the DPR Mini SE has been updated to a new single-dongle device for Amazon. The Deeper Connect Pico and Air are in preparation for launching on Amazon.
  • The Deeper Connect Mini Flash Sale campaign was launched successfully

In October: 

  • Indiegogo campaign: the live campaign phase of the project has successfully ended, and was supported by nearly 4,000 backers. The campaign has now transitioned into the Indemand phase. The project is honored to be selected as one of the "10 Cool & Clever Finds" and as “Team’s Favorite” on the platform
  • Deeper Connect Air updates: the project has begun large-scale production
  • KOL collaboration: new KOLs (CodeWithHarry, Dantic, David A. Velez, fpt, etc.) released review videos for Deeper Connect Air with some videos gaining over 4,000+ comments.
  • Major client collaborations: apart from the United States and Canada, there has been a significant surge in large orders from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Turkey, UAE and other regions.
  • Expanded device accessories: launched the storage accessories bags for the Deeper Connect Air, Pico, and DPR Mini SE on Indiegogo.This offers more choices for Amazon and official website users for different needs  
  • The Halloween streaming campaign was launched successfully 
  • KOC project: we have implemented the KOC (Key Opinion Consumer) project. It allows users to provide positive feedback on different formats on a new section of the website.