Deeper Network Monthly Newsletter:2020/12/1–2020/12/31

Deeper Network Monthly Newsletter:2020/12/1–2020/12/31

Deeper Network’s Monthly Newsletter is a brief bulletin containing the latest community developments, technical updates, and market status of our project. It is periodically released at the end of each month with our community members. We would like to thank each and every member of the Deeper Network community for your attention and support. Here are the latest updates:

Technical Updates


Deeper Connect Mini and Nano mass production completed, proceed to shipping stage

Deeper Connect WIFI hardware selection, progress:99%

Deeper Connect WIFI appearance design and material selection, progress:70%


1. Development process:

1.1 Global user push of Atom OS 1.1.0.b67, collect user feedback

1.2 Internal testing of Atom OS 1.1.0.b80

1.3 Atom OS -PC Version: optimized manual configuration feature for DNS causing software crash; DHCP testing structure optimization

1.4 Beta release of Atom OS-PC Version V3

1.5 Atom-OS-license purchasing software optimization, beta version released

1.6 Atom WIFI software code progress:75%

1.7 Network protection security feature database updated

2. Troubleshooting:

2.1 Fixed DNS resolution problem

2.2 Repaired issues that were causing crashes

3. Deeper Chain:

3.1. Polkadot consensus algorithm development, progress: 90%

3.2. Unit test for each module, progress: 95%

3.3 Staking function development, progress:75%

4. Blockchain data and AtomOS client interaction, development progress: 50%

5. Micropayment scenario implementation between clients, development progress:50%

Community News

1. New blockchain website V4 starting design and production

2. WeChat groups transitioned to community members for self-management

3. Indiegogo campaign contributions exceed $700,000

4. Released trailer for the upcoming promotional video

5. BiHu Livestream event in planning

Marketing News

1. Received Web3 Foundation grants

2. Project selected and featured on

3. CEO Russell completed an interview with PolkaWorld

4. Planning release crowdfunding campaigns on Makuake, largest crowdfunding platform in Japan, for Deeper Connect Mini and Deeper Connect Nano, partnering with Japanese agencies

5. Amazon sales website optimization

3. Promotional video completed, will be released soon

4. New marketing plan under development


English Telegram community:7754

English Telegram community two: 7666

Chinese Telegram community: 2599

Chinese Telegram technical communication community: 8829

Deeper Connect Mini fans Telegram community: 544

Deeper Connect Chinese user Telegram community:144