Deeper Network Monthly Newsletter:2021/10/1–2021/10/31

Deeper Network Monthly Newsletter:2021/10/1–2021/10/31

Deeper Network’s Monthly Newsletter is a brief bulletin containing the latest community developments, technical updates, and market status of our project. It is periodically released at the end of each month with our community members. We would like to thank each and every member of the Deeper Network community for your attention and support. Here are the latest updates:

Technical Updates


1. Deeper Connect WIFI second round of small-batch production, progress: 90%

2. Deeper Connect Pico second round of small-batch production, progress: 100%

3. Deeper Connect Mini+ second round of small-batch production and adjustments, progress:80%

4. Deeper Connect + Helium customized hardware FCC certification, progress: 100%

5. Deeper Connect exclusive storage hardware project initiated


1. AtomOS Development process:

1.1 1.1.8.rel worldwide auto-update and manual update setting completed

1.2 AtomOS & HNT testing App development, progress: 100%

1.3 AtomOS cloud storage system section project initiated

2. AtomOS Troubleshoot:

2.1 1.1.8 rel: alleviate overheating issue of device

3. Deeper Chain:

3.1 Important submission, revision, and releases:

Integrated EVM smart contract support

( )

Combine Add add_credit_by_traffic. Added Credit-Accumulation tray function

( )

Solved dust kill account problem caused by micro-payment channel lock

( )

substrate4.0-dev integration
( )

Bridge optimization using offchain-worker

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3.2 Technical scheme discussion

Credit module reconstruction design scheme

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File storage system design scheme

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Community News

1. World’s first Deeper Connect Pico limited-edition auction event was held during Deeper Network live stream on Oct. 16th. A total of 48,254 DPR generated from the auction has been burned.

2. Deeper Bridge article was posted on Deeper Network Medium account

3. YouTube channels, including MrTechHustler, Action.CEO, Hexaspot, Liteliger published videos on Deeper Network project updates

4. Deeper Network Chinese Telegram giveaway event completed, 20 lucky fans were drawn to win limited edition gifts

5. Chainnews and Mars Finance published articles on the emerge of Web 3.0 trend, and Deeper Network’s core advantages will lead the smooth transition to the new internet era

6. Deeper Network and Chair.Finance NFT auction event completed, generated 1000 new followers on Twitter and Telegram

7. Deeper Network’s Chinese representative participated in the Shanghai Blockchain Week

8. Deeper Network was recognized as the representing project of Web 3.0 during the Shanghai Blockchain Week

Marketing News

1. Established partnership with Teach Train Trade blockchain academy; CEO Eric Ma was invited to speak about Deeper Network project and product to the students. The first round of internal sales was completed and the second round is scheduled to start on November 1st

2. Canadian distributor completed the first round of test sales, the second round has been initiated

3. Netherland distributors completed the first round of test sales, second and third round has been initiated

4. Deeper Connect Nano campaign has launched on Taiwan’s largest crowdfunding platform, Flying V

5. Global distributor partnerships (UK, USA, Sweden, Hungary, Singapore, etc.) continue in progress, and communications

6. New product website to be launched on November 3rd, featuring Deeper Connect Mini (basic mining version).

7. Deeper Connect Pico pre-sale marketing starting on November 3rd and will be launched on Kickstarter on November 8th (early-bird price)

8. Established partnership agreement with 3 major tech influencers and over 20 KOLs; marketing campaigns to start in mid-November. Deeper Brand Ambassador recruiting event to start on November 10th


1. English Telegram community: 15061

2. Chinese Telegram community: 1888

3. Discord: 4697

4. Twitter:35897

5. Facebook:12658

6. Medium: 4632

7. Reddit 2879

8. Instagram 1202

9. WeiBo: 10279