Deeper Network Monthly Newsletter:2021/3/1–2021/3/31

Deeper Network Monthly Newsletter:2021/3/1–2021/3/31

Technical Updates


· Deeper Connect Nano new color hardware mold, progress: 100%
· Deeper Connect WiFi appearance design and material selection, progress: 95%
· Deeper Connect Pico hardware and contour design, progress: 30%


· Atom OS version 1.1.0.b97 Alpha Test
· Atom OS version 1.1.0.d101 Betanet- preview version DPR User Auto upgrade
· Auto WIFI — Software and code, progress: 88%
· Atom OS function 100% optimization, progress: 90% in testing stage.
· OEM, HW, IGG version- mining function testing

Solved Issues

· UI has been adjusted to fit small monitor
· The DPR wallet has been improved, the binding wallet confirmation has been cancelled, “I’ve downloaded” input is now required by User
· More pages on daily log have been added.
· IE download issue for the private key has been repaired
· Time zone on Auto upgrade has been added.

Deeper Chain

· Data interaction between Blockchain and AtomOS development, progress: 100%
· Micropayment scenario implementation among users, progress: 100%
· Developed micropayment mining function. Progress: 100%
· Betanet testing function has been completed and is in testing stage

Community Activities

1. Deeper Network has won the second prize for the “Most Affected Communities Welcomed” award at the inaugural Polkadot hackathon event.

2. Telegram Chinese community set up:

3. On Mar 19, Eric Ma, CMO of Deeper Network, was interviewed by Wild West Crypto Show, Episode # 153

4. On Mar 21, Eric Ma joined an AMA co-hosted by 8848 community members on Daily Planet.

5. On Mar 22, the Deeper Network IDO launched on FLYBIT was sold out within 3 seconds on.

6. On Mar 26, Chao Ma, CTO of Deeper Network Deeper, was invited by Chunge Research Institute/community to introduce Deeper Network project structure.

7. On Mar 27, An AMA was co-hosted by Deeper and X realpolkabridge

8. On Mar 27, Eric Ma, CMO of Deeper Network, was interviewed by an Irish Tech News Podcast.

9. On Mar 31, Eric Ma, CMO and Chao Ma, CTO of Deeper Network were invited to have an AMA hosted by 499 Block Global community.

10. Deeper Network will contact an IDO on PAID Ignition on April 5.

11. Deeper Network will conduct an IDO on Poolz on April 6.

12. Deeper Network will conduct an IDO on Tokensoft on April 8.

13. DPR has been listed on Coin Market Cap (CMC). An article of 《A Deep Dive into Decentralized Private Networks: Deeper Network》was published on Coin Market Cap

14. DPR was listed in the Chinese version of CMC — “feixiaohao”

Marketing Development

1. Deeper Connect Mini has raised over $1.1 million on its fundraising campaign on Indiegogo. It has made it as one of the most successful blockchain projects, being at the top 100 among the Indiegogo global products.

2. Indiegogo has approved Deeper Connect Mini as a hot product for long-term display on its front page.

3. Russian crypto YouTuber Blondy Chain posted a video to promote Deeper Network.

4. UK blockchain Blogger CrytoTube posted an in depth video of Deeper Network project.

5. Altcoin Buzz, Lark Davis and other senior crypto opinion leaders listed DPR as one of the hottest new tokens.

6. Deeper Network has established business relationship with Walsh Wealth Group, a crypto related social platform.

7. Deeper Network has established strategic corporation with Mr. India Techie, an India Crypto marketing team.

8. Several Crypto YouTubers such as Prestito Crypto and Velcoin, posted a Deeper Network introduction video in their own channel.