Deeper Network Monthly Newsletter:2022/4/1–2022/4/30

Deeper Network Monthly Newsletter:2022/4/1–2022/4/30

Deeper Network’s Monthly Newsletter is a brief bulletin containing the latest community developments, technical updates, and market status of our project. It is periodically released at the end of each month for our community members. We would like to thank every member of the Deeper Network community for your attention and support. Here are the latest updates:

Technical Updates


  • Deeper Connect storage dedicated hardware, appearance ID design, progress 90%
  • Deeper Connect storage dedicated hardware, component research and testing, progress 70%


  1. AtomOS Development Process
  • 1.1.15.rel worldwide push update
  • 1.1.15.rel manual update, auto-update deployed
  • 1.1.15.Pre1 deployed the test version and will push to testers after completing the initial recruitment resolved special VLAN network packet problems, progress 50%
  • D-ads feature development, progress 30%

2. AtomOS Troubleshoot:

  • 1.1.15.rel
    - Added the “Staking Status” field on the “Wallet Balance” page
    - Added wallet password feature
    - Fixed a MAC address issue with some devices
    - Fixed a chain connection issue with some devices
    - Fixed a memory issue
    - Fixed a token session issue
    - Fixed a speed issue under one-arm mode
    - Fixed a tunnel crash issue
    - Fixed an issue of frequent mode switches
    - Fixed issue of some Google Ads links not working
    - Improved Mini V5 performance
    - Improved WiFi performance (will reset SSID & password)
    - Increased the refresh rate of the “Real-time traffic statistics” chart
    - Reduced the loading time of balance transfer
    - Wildcard support added for Web Filter Blacklist
    - Updated the region of Cyprus & Turkey

3. Deeper Chain:

Important submission:

Technical document reference:

Community News

  • Deeper CMO Eric Ma hosted a community AMA on Twitter Spaces
  • Deeper Network CMO Eric Ma was interviewed by StealthEX for an AMA on Twitter Space to share the latest news
  • Listing on StealthEx & on SimpleSwap
  • fully integrates $DPR
  • Published an article about the Deeper’s milestone
  • April 22 is World Earth Day, and Deeper Network celebrated it with messages posted on social media platforms
  • Improved Zendesk’s customer-service bots to be a user-friendly tool for using and searching relevant information
  • Published infographics on the community platforms and shared community users’ experiences so that the communities can learn more about the Deeper Network project
  • The affiliate program is still ongoing on the official website. Users can join and share their affiliate links with their friends and family members to earn commission and enjoy the discount
  • Published the announcement regarding HNT orders’ return, exchange and refund solution
  • Published a tutorial video on partnering with Cryptocart on how to use DPR to buy gift cards on the platform
  • Youtube channels: Wise Beyond Bitcoin, CryptoTV, AXE, Diego, RenJetDo, JR The Electronic Gu, and Handyman Savage published videos about Deeper Network
  • Increased Deeper Network branding and interaction on Weibo
  • Extended domestic nodes of Deeper Network

Marketing News

  • New reseller relations developed in the UK, Hungary, Sweden, New Zealand, the Middle East, and India, and increased support for online and offline customized marketing programs for agents
  • The early bird perks price of the Pico crowdfunding event has ended this in April, with a total sales of $3.7m +. The shipments of March orders have been completed. Pico and Wi-Fi adapters started selling on the official website in April
  • Continued expansion of the major e-commerce platform sales channels. All Deeper Connect products will be online on Amazon, Newegg, Stack, and other e-commerce platforms in May
  • The affiliate program added more than 600 members this month and increased its commission to 10 percent in April
  • Started a Gleam campaign on April 29th, and encouraged users to invite their friends to engage with the Deeper community. The contest prize includes Mini, Pico, and the 104 initial issued NFTs
  • Mother’s Day flash sales promotion was held from April 30th to May 2nd, with 10% off all products on the website and the affiliate coupon code was applicable for an additional discount


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