Deeper Network Monthly Newsletter:2022/7/1–2022/7/31

Deeper Network Monthly Newsletter:2022/7/1–2022/7/31

Deeper Network’s monthly newsletter is a brief bulletin containing the latest community developments, technical updates, and market status of our project. It is periodically released at the beginning of each month for our community members. We would like to thank every member of the Deeper Network community for your attention and support. Here are the latest updates:

Technical Updates


Deeper Connect Pro- aesthetic redesign, progress: 50%

Deeper Connect Pro-  PCB design, proofing test, transferred to motherboard function verification: 90%  

Deeper Connect Pro- research on the cooling solutions : progress: 70%

Deeper Connect Pro- upgrade memory capacity design: progress: 50%

Deeper Connect Pico- EMMC read & write optimization, progress: 70%



AtomOS Development Progress: 

  • AtomOS network layer code refactoring (AtomOS working mode), progress: 90%, and will be merged into 1.1.18.rel for launch
  • 1.1.17.rel released; 1.1.18.pre has been pushed for testers at the end of July
  • D-ads function development, progress: 85%
  • Optimized Pico hardware resource consumption research, progress: 60%
  • Deeper Connect Pro function development, progress: 30%


AtomOS troubleshooting: 


  • Added the "Stake Release" tab to the transaction page
  • AtomOS displays the date & time in UTC for Wallet Balance, Sharing Traffic, and Transactions.
  • Fixed“Active IP” not updated issue
  • Fixed paging issues
  • Fixed the password reset button on the device
  • Implemented credit proof report
  • Implemented login attempt limit
  • Implemented uptime chart
  • Improved T-proxy
  • Replaced "Staking Status" with“On-Chain Status"
  • Support added for Sharing Log download
  • Support added for VLAN (Some users' Deeper Connect could not work between modem and router)

Deeper Chain

Important submissions:

EZC (v1.0.5) and DEP (v1.0.5) contracts are released, corresponding to the release of the Runner (v1.0.5) scheduler:



Technical Scheme Discussion:

  • Basic 2.0 Plus proposal design
  • Technical research, discussion, and analysis of LayerZero integration
  • Validators update plan and node deployment
  • Production-level oracle design
  • Process and discussion analysis of the conversion of NPoW (proof-of-work) certificates to DPR rewards

Community News

  • Deeper Network participated in F3Stival: Welcoming 1000+ Women to Web3 event. Deeper was a top 3 finalist for its competition. Deeper Network had a booth to introduce the project to attendants.
  • Various Chinese media released articles about Deeper Network: "Deeper Network Won The Second Place in The Polkadot Hackathon and the Most Popular Award in The Community", "Won Three Major Awards: Deeper Has Great Achievement in The First Half of 2022", "Deeper Network Ranks The Top Three in The Web3 Female Entrepreneur Competition"
  • On July 29th, Deeper Network Chinese launched a series of Chinese AMA activities. Guo Bin, the head of Deeper Chain, shared a keynote speech on "The  Introduction of Deeper Network's Framework and Ecological Development" and a giveaway to the participants of the Deeper Connect Pico+Wi-Fi Adapter, and Deepernauts NFT
  • Held a Deeper Connect setup video contest, and winners received Deepernauts NFTs. The event ended on July 30th and was a success.
  • Deeper Network Chief Evangelist Eric Ma and Global Community Manager Ryan Hevern Hosted a Voice AMA on Twitter Space to update the community on the latest updates
  • Held a “Follow Deeper Network's Twitter and share with 3 friends to win Deepernaut NFT” event, and 1 winner received a Deepernaut NFT
  • Deeper Network was researched and listed by Messari
  • BSC News published an interview article with Deeper’s Chief Evangelist Eric Ma about the importance of cybersecurity and the development of Deeper Network 
  • Shared infographics “How to Setup Bandwidth Sharing on AtomOS, “Assign a Domain to tunnels”, and “How to Register for Basic Mining” to help the community learn more about AtomOS settings
  • Announced the Super Affiliate program across social media platforms, and qualified applicants will be selected by the team based on performance in the affiliate program
  • Youtube channels: OneDogecoin, Crypto Anvil, Jabber Tech, Diego, and Crypto Finance published videos about the Deeper Network

Marketing News

  • Conducted in-depth discussions with more than 10 agents from the 2022 Consensus Conference and the Global NFT Conference, and formulated detailed ordering and cooperation plans
  • New product: 3-Port USB Cooling Base for Deeper Connect Mini arrived on July 22, and the Genesis NFT owners were given priority to purchase with the link. It will be available for public sale on the official website in early August.
  • Official website upgraded: revised the page and held limited-time promotion, highlighting discount information for website visitors
  • Brand promotion: increase branding and product promotion, add Google and FB ads, focus on different usage scenarios of DPN users, and highlight the importance of cyber security and zero subscription fee
  • About Us page was added to the website and Overview content was added; the Contact Us page has added pre-sales consultation and after-sales technical support modules; Articles have been transferred from Medium to the official website blog, and displayed into 4 categories: Tutorials, Information, News and Newsletters


  • English Telegram community:12,969
  • Chinese Telegram community:2,041
  • Koran Telegram community: 407
  • Discord community:8,901
  • Twitter followers:47,474
  • Facebook followers:14,418
  • Medium: 6,121
  • Reddit: 6,031
  • Instagram: 3,200
  • Weibo: 10,410