Deeper Network Bi-Monthly Newsletter: 2023/01/01–2023/02/28

Deeper Network Bi-Monthly Newsletter: 2023/01/01–2023/02/28

Deeper Network’s bi-monthly newsletter is a brief bulletin containing the latest community developments, technical updates, and market status of our project. It is periodically released at the beginning of every other month for our community members. We would like to thank every member of the Deeper Network community for your contributions and support. Here are the latest updates: 

Technical Updates


  • Deeper Connect Pro- hardware function comprehensive coordinated test, progress: 45% (paused temporarily)
  • Deeper Connect Pro- massive production test program optimization, progress: 60%
  • Deeper Connect Air- appearance ID design completed, structure, antenna testing progress: 100%
  • Deeper Connect Air- hardware testing completed, batch testing, progress: 40%
  • Deeper Connect Air- device function development, progress: 80%


AtomOS Development Progress: 

  • 1.1.21.rel version has been released with the automatic deployment updated
  • SSL filter feature will be restructured, progress: 30%; Collect feedback from the community, please follow updates on Twitter
  • Parental control development, progress: 40%
  • App-relocator development progress: 60%, and recruit App-relocator testers from the community, please follow updates on announcement and main channel on Telegram and Discord
  • Deeper Connect Pro function development, progress: 50% (paused temporarily)
  • DPN app for Andriod and Windows development and optimization, progress: 65% 
  • DPN app for iOS and MacOS development, progress: 50% 
  • AtomOS interface in dark mode development, progress: 40%


  • Fixed crash issue associated with dst MAC 
  • Fixed crash issue related to data packet scheduling
  • Fixed page redirection issue
  • Fixed the boot issue for the first generation AMD socket 
  • Fixed the issue where was blocked

Deeper Chain

Important tech submission: 
In January

  1. Modified the staking amount for proposals and lower the threshold for locking DPR in council 

  1. Fixed multiple compatibility issues on Deeperscan 

  1. Updated Deeper-chain and Deeper-chain dependencies to Polkadot-v0.9.33 

In February: 

  1. Implemented multi-chain hardware wallet management and signature, including btc/eth2/tron/ckb/substrate 

  1. Implemented multi-chain nodes proxy server eth2
  2. Solved multiple Deepscan issues, including synchronizing finalized blocks, deadlock issues, and high CPU load issues  

  1. Updated EVM block explorer v5.1.0 dependency
  2. Optimized the stability of the connection between the Deeper device and the mainnet network. Fixed the “unable to connect” after disconnecting from blockchain issue.
  3. Updated the DEP dependency library to v1.1.21, and released DEP7 firmware version.

Technical Scheme Discussion:

  • Discussed off-chain browser research, and Deepscan code refactoring analysis to enhance its transaction and indexing efficiency
  • Discussed the design of multi-chain hardware wallet keystore storage and signature scheme
  • Optimized Multi-chain wallet device integrated resource and interaction design

Technical document reference:

Community News

  • Starting from 2023, the monthly report will be on a two-month basis 
  • Published an article "Worried about Home Network Security? The Deeper Connect Is Your Solution!" on Deeper Network’s official blog to raise awareness about the importance of home network security, and we encourage you to read and share this article with your friends and family
  • Shared an article "The 5 Best Decentralized VPN Services 2023" with the community to understand the difference between VPN and decentralized private network
  • Announced the new link for users to check their staking information: 
  • Posted the Valentine's Day promotion across our social media platforms, Facebook and Google.
  • Announced the pre-launch of Deeper Connect Air, which comes with new features and capabilities, as well as  early-bird specials and other exclusive offers
  • Recruited for the app-relocator test community
  • Collected feedback from the community on SSL filter functionality in order to optimize this feature and make it more useful for the users

YouTube channels: Action Crypto, Deepernaut, CryptoStars published videos about the Deeper Network.


Marketing News

In January

  • Holiday promotion: holiday discount and free shipping for the New Year
  • Product promotion: small bundle pormotions with great discounts for users as New Year’s gifts
  • Major customer collaboration: establish long-term collaborative relationships with key customers with big orders in the past
  • Affiliate program update: 201 new affiliates joined

In February

  • Holiday promotion: The theme "Protect your loved ones" for the Valentine's Day specials with small bundles
  • Indiegogo campaign: pre-launched the Deeper Connect Air in early February and received a lot of attention from the community and new users
  • KOL collaboration: reaching out to new and existing KOLs to prepare for promotion of the Deeper Connect Air 
  • Affiliate program update: 10% commission for new affiliates on the official website; 15% commission for the top 3 affiliates. 204 new affiliates joined and 35%+ successfully placed orders


  • English Telegram community: 10,952
  • Chinese Telegram community: 1,849
  • Korean Telegram community: 407
  • Discord community: 8,796
  • Twitter: 46,833
  • Instagram: 3,740
  • Facebook: 13,746
  • Medium: 5,775
  • Reddit: 6,268
  • Weibo: 10,410