Deeper Network Bi-Monthly Newsletter: 2023/03/01–2023/04/30

Deeper Network  Bi-Monthly Newsletter: 2023/03/01–2023/04/30

Deeper Network’s bi-monthly newsletter is a brief bulletin containing the latest community developments, technical updates, and market status of our project. It is periodically released at the beginning of every other month for our community members. We would like to thank every member of the Deeper Network community for your contributions and support. Here are the latest updates:

Technical Updates


Deeper Connect Pico- fool-proofing (PCB protection) correction, progress 100%

Deeper Connect Air- device function development, progress  95%, batch production completed


AtomOS Development Progress: 

  • 1.1.21.rel version has been released with automatic deployment updated
  • SSL filter will be restructured, progress: 80%,  internal testing
  • Parental control phase 2 development, progress: 70%
  • App-relocator development progress: 80%, internal testing
  • DPN app for Android, Windows, and development, progress: 85% 
  • DPN app for iOS and MacOS development, progress: 85% 


  • Changed the shared bandwidth limit range
  • Fixed a DHCP bug
  • Fixed an issue with the session speed chart
  • Grouped SSID by frequency (5GHz and 2.4GHz)
  • Implemented auto refresh on the tunnel page
  • Added hide SSID option
  • Added kill switch option 
  • Added Rustdesk tab 
  • Improved AtomOS security
  • Improved the relay mode SSID connection
  • Improved web filter dashboard diagram

Deeper Chain

Important tech submission:

In March

  1. Updated and repaired multi-chain hardware wallet library, including fixing of errors in eth_raw_transaction signature library, adding BNB/Polygon/Arbitrum signature types, and adding BTC SegWit signature
  2. Implemented multiple interfaces for btc/tron/bsc on the multi-chain node proxy server
  3. Implemented multi-chain coordinators for use cases of native and contract coins on eth/btc/tron/bsc chains
  4. Released DEP8 version, significantly improving task completion rate and link stability
  5. Compatibility and stability fixes for multiple Deeperscan issues 


In April: 

  1. Update Deeper-chain/Frontier dependency to polkadot-v0.9.34 
  1. Provide filecoin and substrate Token support 
  1. Multi-chain node proxy server polygon/arbitrum/optimism/avalanche/filecoin multiple interface implementation
  1. The multi-chain coordinator realizes the Polygon/filecoin chain native currency and contract currency use cases
  1. Implementation of the first version of deeper-chat-bot

Technical Scheme Discussion:

  • Researched and discussed the design of multi-chain hardware wallet keystore storage and signature scheme
  • Optimized multi-chain wallet device integrated resource and interaction design
  • Optimized the design of the backend wallet key enhancement
  • Researched and discussed the design and integration of Deeper customer service AI bot  

Technical document reference:

Community News

  • The official website blog published articles related to the newest device-Deeper Connect Air and the new feature App Relocator《How to watch NBA with the Deeper Connect Air》《 Who is the perfect fit for the Deeper Connect AirThe Future of Decentralized VPN: The Deeper Connect Air
  • The official website blog published the AtomOS Rustdesk tutorial《How to Use Rustdesk with the Deeper Connect
  • TeckyBlock published an article《Deeper Network VPN - The Best Decentralized VPN for Privacy and Security
  • Launched a new bug report channel on Discord channel, where users can submit bugs they find using Deeper Connect and Deeper Chain, and they will be verified with rewards
  • Shared the Women's Day and Easter poster across social media
  • Shared an article from CoinMarketCap《What is Web 3.0: A beginner's guide to the decentralized internet of the future》 to help users learn more about Web3
  • The video contest was held at the end of March. The top three winners won Deeper Connect devices and Deepernaut NFTs
  • Announced the listing of DPR on Vulkania DEX platform
  • Announced DPR was top the 10 on CryptoCrunchApp
  • Shared tips on “How to add domains to a whitelist and blacklist in AtomOS” and “How to configure tunnels” to help users understand how to use a Deeper Connect
  • Deeper Network Chief Evangelist Eric Ma hosted an AMA on Twitter Spaces on April 26. Updated the Deeper Network community about what the team’s been working on, and plans for the future and answered questions from the community
  • Collected the most frequently asked questions from the community on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) to help with engagement for the AMA
  • YouTube channels: Deepernaut, Geekanoids, SL Passive Income posted videos about the project and and reviewed and promoted Deeper Network

Marketing News

  • Holiday promotion: Spring Sale was focused on Picos. The Easter egg discount code hunt on the official website was successful
  • Indiegogo campaign: The Deeper Connect Air was added to Indiegogo’s product page slide-show ranking. The campaign page design is almost ready and the professional product photo shoot will be updated
  • KOL collaboration: reaching out to new and existing KOLs to prepare for the promotion of the Deeper Connect Air
  • Website article sharing: In order to allow more new users to understand the project quickly, be more familiar and how to use the device, we are planning to share more blog articles with the community.
  • Collaboration with key customers: New reseller partnership in Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Philippines. The marketing team is working on launching new partners in Northern Europe and South America to expand business in different areas
  • Affiliate program update: 15% commission for the top 3 affiliates; 300+ new affiliates joined and 40% successfully placed orders. 


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