How to Use Rustdesk with the Deeper Connect

How to Use Rustdesk with the Deeper Connect


Rustdesk is a popular decentralized remote access tool written in Rust coding language. When combined with a Deeper Connect device, users can easily access their intranet computer from anywhere. At the same time, your device can be used as a node to host colleagues and friends. It is easy to use for all Deeper Connect users on any device, including Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Linux. It can also be used directly on the Web as well.

Your connection is private through the Deeper Connect’s relay server where all traffic is encrypted and forwarded via dVPN. The built-in seven-layer firewall can also ensure your security. 

How can this tool be used?

  1. Remote work: For example, your colleagues and you work from home. You encounter a problem that requires tech support, but you don’t want to expose our privacy through centralized remote access programs like Teamviewer. Therefore you can use Rustdesk allowing you to have full control of your connection and whom you connect without any intermediary servers.
  1. Customer service: If a client needs support remotely, Rustdesk can be used to connect the customer service representative to the client in a decentralized manner, protecting the privacy of both sides. No data is leaked from either side during the connection. 
  1. Users can share streaming services with friends and family via Rustdesk.

For more configuration and information about Rustdesk, please check out this Youtube tutorial

How do I install Rustdesk?

Step 1: Download Rustdesk

Go to and click “DOWNLOAD


Step 2: Complete the download and run Rustdesk. 

Step 3: Enable Rustdesk in AtomOS

Click Rustdesk =>Config, turn on (blue) Rustdesk


  • If you don't have a public IP, enable Wireguard VPN port forward by turning on (blue) Wireguard VPN port forwarding. Rustdesk will not work if a private IP doesn’t connect to a Wireguard VPN port. 
  • When "Wireguard VPN" is turned on, there may be a pop-up window saying "Temporarily unable to connect, try again later." Please try again until you are connected to a Wireguard server IP.

Step 4: Configure Rustdesk according to the AtomOS configuration guide.

Click the "ID/Relay Server" and fill in the information as shown in the image below. 

Congratulations, you have completed the Rustdesk installation and configuration.


Connecting with another Rustdesk user 

Step 5: Have the other user enter the same ID/Relay Server info as you then click “OK.


Step 6: Enter the Remote ID on the Rustdesk that you want to connect to, then click “Connect.

Enter the password on the desktop you want to connect to. Then click “OK

After entering the password, the first Rustdesk user will see a pop-up window. Click the “Accept” button to establish a connection.

When the two devices are connected, users are able to remotely operate each other’s devices. 

Note: If you are unable to connect to Rustdesk after following above steps, please contact Rustdesk's customer support at: