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How to watch live Rugby with the Deeper Connect Air

How to watch live Rugby with the Deeper Connect Air

Rugby has gained widespread popularity across the globe, with international events such as the Six Nations and the Rugby World Cup attracting a diverse audience. The sport underwent a split in 1895 due to financial reasons, resulting in the formation of Rugby Union and Rugby League, each with its own set of rules. Rugby Union, which involves 15 players, is primarily played in the South of England and is the dominant code in Wales, Scotland, and Ireland. On the other hand, Rugby League, with 13 players, is more popular than Rugby Union in the North of England. In the Southern Hemisphere, Rugby League is the more dominant code in Australia, while Rugby Union reigns supreme in New Zealand and South Africa. It is fascinating to see how different sports have varying popularity among different regions and cultures, making sports even more captivating.

If you're looking to catch popular rugby tournaments like the Premiership Rugby, Six Nations, Champions Cup, United Rugby Championship or the Rugby League Super League, you may have to pay a premium to access them through cable TV. In fact, cable TV can cost the average household up to $80 USD per month.

Your ability to watch every rugby game may depend on your location, as different countries have varying broadcasting agreements. For instance, in the UK, the Rugby Union's Premiership only broadcasts approximately 80 live rugby matches on TV, while in the US, every game is available live. This difference is due to TV licensing and similar restrictions seen in US sports.

In the United States, where Rugby Union is not as widely followed, NBC's Peacock TV offers live coverage of Rugby Union matches for as low as $4.99 USD per month. This subscription grants access to popular leagues and competitions in the sport. The Deeper Connect Air provides an affordable and convenient solution to the costly cable TV packages, as it enables access to Peacock TV and other services worldwide.

It's quite simple to sign up for Peacock TV using the Deeper Connect Air. Just follow the steps given below:

Step 1

Grab yourself a Deeper Connect Air and connect it to your home network.

Step 2

Go to the dashboard of Deeper Connect Air and find the Peacock TV setting in the App Relocator function. Switch your Peacock TV tunnel to United States. 


Step 3

Visit the Peacock TV website or download the app onto your phone and use Google or Apple pay to sign up for the monthly subscription.


Step 4

Experience the thrill of Rugby Union on your preferred streaming device, now with the ability to watch directly on your TV!



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