Deeper Network, a Next-Generation Blockchain Network

Deeper Network, a Next-Generation Blockchain Network

As one of the few blockchain projects with a real product that solves a real-world problem, Deeper Network has been continuously upgrading our flagship home-hardware, Deeper Connect, that is powerful enough to serve as a decentralized private network, firewall, and mining rig. The 4th generation product, Deeper Connect Mini, has recently raised over half-a-million dollars and generated over 1700 supporters in the company’s first crowdfunding campaign.

While the device has generated much interest in the community as a powerful home-hardware, the value of the Deeper Connect is more than just a standalone product. Instead, it is the foundation of a next-generation public blockchain, by forming a trusted internet development platform through resource sharing and consensus network.

Resource sharing is a major feature of Deeper Connect device apart from its enterprise-level network security services. Users are able to share part of their home network bandwidth available to the public in order to earn Deeper tokens (DPR) as a reward. In the near future, Deeper Network will launch a new smart contract blockchain platform, the Deeer Chain, where users can automatically participate in mining with their Deeper Connect device.

The Deeper Chain is a truly decentralized public chain, proposing an innovative consensus algorithm called PoC (Proof of Credit) that emulates the prestigious credit system in our daily life. PoC allows Deeper Connect devices to mine new DPR tokens by sharing their bandwidths, and it guarantees every participant shares an equal chance to earn benefits from the Deeper Network, as long as they keep contributing to the network and accumulating credits. Unlike other existing consensus protocols, our consensus algorithm gives each participant a weighted vote, preventing one class of participants from dominating over others. The more bandwidth a device shares, the more credit score will be earned by the account.

The Deeper Chain, in our mind, represents a step forward towards the creation of a freer and democratic internet. Yes, some people refer to it as the web 3.0. We know that the Internet has never been a completely open, accessible, and democratic space as it was originally envisioned to be. We are betting hard in cracking these difficult challenges and aiming to be one of the main contributors in the creation of a decentralized, democratic and fair Internet: an Internet that empowers the people, the real users.