Deeper Network’s NPoW and EZC Plans for Launch After Successful Beta Testing

Deeper Network’s NPoW and EZC Plans for Launch After Successful Beta Testing

Dear Esteemed Members of the Deeper Network Community, as we approach the finale of our ambitious NPoW public testing phase, which will end on December 31, 2023 end of day UTC+8. We would like to take a moment to reflect on the incredible journey and express our deepest gratitude for your unwavering support and engagement from the tester community. The testing phase was a major success with the following highlights allowing us to move to the deployment of NPoW and EZC. 

Key Achievements:

  • Successfully rolled out 5 significant updates enhancing execution efficiency, rectifying bugs, and improving our Web3 framework.
  • Remarkable community engagement with over 2,776 unique addresses participating.
  • Launched an astounding 336,658+ tasks, facilitating 31,818,975 transactions, averaging 109,576+ daily.

Long awaited NPoW EZC launch:

The upcoming phase will be a milestone, with the official release of the NPoW mechanism alongside our software client APP slated for Q2 2024. This pivotal moment will integrate EZC within NPoW which will allow the injection of real world funds into the Deeper ecosystem thus creating a true peer-to-peer sharing economy where users (app users) pay service providers (node owners) directly without any third-party involvement. The Deeper Network is simply the platform which will allow this to happen. During this time, NPoW will run alongside PoCr, allowing for dual mining income until a full transition is made in the future. 

Embarking on the Next Mission in DePIN:

The end of the public testing is the beginning of new developments for Deeper Network in DePIN. The Deeper Network is the #1 wired DePIN project in the world providing users with privacy and cybersecurity protection. The launch of NPoW will be bringing Web3 infrastructure and network to people around the world. The official NPoW version is poised to invigorate the Deeper ecosystem, solidifying our commitment to innovation and sustainable growth in decentralized connectivity.

Your continued support and participation are the pillars of Deeper Network’s success. You are the network and together, we are not just a network; we are architects of a Web3 infrastructure which will transform how the internet is used in the future.

The Deeper Network Team