Getting the most out of your Netflix Account

Getting the most out of your Netflix Account

Netflix's selection of movies and TV shows available for streaming varies by country. This means there are significant differences in the Netflix library depending on your location. However, there are ways to access other libraries. This article briefly discusses ways you can get the most out of your Netflix account.


Why does the Netflix Library differ internationally?

Netflix's library differs in each country due to territorial licensing. Producers license their content to different distributors in different parts of the world, with the highest bidder winning the rights to a particular set of movies and shows. Netflix then decides which licenses to buy based on user interest, which tend to vary from region to region.


How can people bypass these regional restrictions?

Some users use a VPN to watch content from other regions. However, not all VPNs can accomplish this.

Netflix didn't always have prevention systems to detect VPNs. However, over the years, they have stepped up their VPN detection efforts. They have actively searched out VPN providers and their ability to block VPN servers has improved significantly.

Error message received when Netflix detects an IP from a VPN service.

In addition, using a VPN to access Netflix may have other drawbacks such as slower streaming speeds, higher monthly costs and your loss of data privacy.


Netflix used to have no system to prevent VPN access, but over the years, they have stepped up their VPN detection efforts. They have actively searched out VPN providers and their ability to block alternative servers has improved significantly. This has increased the effort made by VPN services to beat the blocks, and the game of cat and mouse continues. Most VPN services won't get you through to access different country's viewing.


A better way to enjoy Netflix

A decentralized private network (DVPN) can be a better way to access content from other regions because DVPNs allow users to connect to other real IP addresses which are highly unlikely to be flagged as a disallowed IP, like many of those from VPN servers. DVPNs are more resistant to censorship and government intervention, as there are no centralized points of weakness since points of connection are spread out all over the world.



 Deeper Connect Air  is a DVPN hardware which allows users to access the internet securely and privately without any monthly fees. Using the decentralized private network, the Deeper Connect Air can quickly switch to the country they want to access Netflix without worrying about server bans like those of centralized VPNs. Most importantly, your personal info and browsing history is not logged with a DVPN.

How to access another country's Netflix Library 

Step 1: Grab a Deeper Connect Air 

Step 2: Go to the dashboard and find the App relocator function

Step 3: Set the routing rule of Netflix (the country you want to visit)

Step 4:
Enjoy watching the content form another Netflix Library.


How do I get a DVPN?

If you also want to unlock content from all around the world, you can  sign up here and be one of the first to receive info and discounts on the Deeper Connect Air when it's launched.