Top FAQs on Deeper Connect Mini

Top FAQs on Deeper Connect Mini

We would like to thank you all for your continuous support. We understand that a lot of people are very excited about the device and we appreciate everyone’s patience. Our team has selected some FAQs to share with everyone:

What is the current shipping status for Deeper Mini Connect?

Deeper Connect Mini is currently undergoing mass production. Due to Covid-19, the process might be a little delayed, but we are still trying our best to start shipping by the beginning of October and get the packages out according to the order sequence.

What is the monthly subscription fee?

There will be a monthly subscription in the future in order to use the service from Deeper Network. However, we are trying to show our appreciation to the ones who have supported our project at this early stage, and that is why we are offering a free lifetime subscription to all our IGG backers at this moment.

How can the users ensure security during network sharing, that the network is protected from malicious attacks? How can the users prevent other parties from using their network to do illegal things?

Deeper Connect Mini itself is a Layer 7 firewall that can block illegal applications. With the filtering function of AtomOS, the device can recognize most internet protocols, and users can choose to reject dangerous connections. Deeper Connect Mini can also distinguish the user’s own connections and sharing connections, meaning that if the illegal activity is done by other parties, the device can prove it. Finally, users are concern about sharing their network, they have the option to turn off bandwidth sharing.

What is the difference between the 4th generation Deeper Connect Mini and the previous models?

Deeper Connect Mini provides the same level of functionality as our previous model but in a much portable size.

Which operating system does the device run? How is it better?

Deeper Connect device runs AtomOS, the world’s first lock-free network operating system developed from scratch. It is characterized by high reliability, high performance, and high scalability. AtomOS run a multiple-core processor to achieve 1Gbps throughput. For other OS, they use locks to resolve multiple core race condition issues which is very slow and dangerous. The lock-free mechanism of our operating system is able to improve the product’s performance and stability.

How many nodes do you have and where are they located?

We have more than 1000 nodes across the globe. They are located in North America, Europe, China, Singapore, and India. With more backers joining in the future, it will help spread our Network to many more countries in Latin America, the Middle East, and a greater number of countries in Europe and Asia.

How can I set up the device?

Our device can be connected with one of its ports to either (1) your ISP Cable Outlet, (2) Your ISP Modem, or (3) Your Integrated WiFi modem and Router; the other end connected to an additional WiFi router to distribute. This video will demonstrate the setup process of the product:

When will the new Whitepaper be released?

We have finished the draft of the Whitepaper. Final modifications are being made currently. Stay tuned!

We hope these FAQs were able to answer many of your questions. Our team will continue to be available via email and our social media channels. Please feel free to follow us at: