Worried about Home Network Security? The Deeper Connect Is Your Solution!

Worried about Home Network Security? The Deeper Connect decentralized VPN ( DPN ) Is Your Solution!

Home network security refers to the protection of home networks that connect devices such as modems, routers, and other IoT devices. 

Many people think that their home network is too small or unimportant to be at risk of cyberattacks or that basic computer's antivirus is secure enough. This is when many learn the hard way. Let's see what could happen when you neglect network security and what you can do to avoid cyberattacks. 

Neglecting home network security can be costly

Home network security is often neglected because users think that their network is too small or unimportant to be a target. This mindset only gives hackers more opportunities to attack as long as their network is connected to the internet. Once a network is hacked, a user's personal information, passwords, credit card info, webcam access, and personal chat records are all at risk of being stolen and further compromised.

Furthermore, parents must also take into account the situation with the growth of technology and social media platforms,  children are exposed to a large amount of inappropriate and dangerous content such as porn, violence, gore, drugs, etc. What can we do to prevent children from being exposing unfiltered or dangerous content?

People are unable to police the internet 24/7

We face a barrage of advertising and information on the internet in general. The current attitude for dealing with all this information is simply just to deal with it or pay a subscription to hide it.

It's difficult for users to come up with solutions on their own. Not everyone is capable of writing code or understanding technology in depth, therefore we rely on specialty products. With the Deeper Connect hardware, we are able to provide the best cybersecurity solution to both professional and average users. It’s the cheap and effective way to deal with how information reaches us and how we can protect ourselves from the information we never want to interact with.

The simple and effective solution: Deeper Connect Home Security Devices

The products of the Deeper Connect family are no bigger than a router making them portable for almost anyone. The devices feature powerful integrated Web3 gateway technology as well as enterprise-level 7-layer network firewall technology. They can be customized to access information the way you want and at the same time create safer and easier-to-use home network security. This all-in-one device is suitable for all kinds of network application scenarios. Whether it’s at home, the office, or even on-the-go, it’s easy to use with its plug-and-play feature for different types of users; Teens, parents, employees, and technology enthusiasts.