Deeper Network Monthly Newsletter:2021/9/1–2021/9/30

Deeper Network Monthly Newsletter:2021/9/1–2021/9/30

Deeper Network’s Monthly Newsletter is a brief bulletin containing the latest community developments, technical updates, and market status of our project. It is periodically released at the end of each month with our community members. We would like to thank each and every member of the Deeper Network community for your attention and support. Here are the latest updates:

Technical Updates

1. Deeper Connect WIFI initial testing and adjustment, progress: 85%
2. Deeper Connect Pico initial testing and adjustment, progress: 85%
3. Deeper Connect Mini+ hardware development, sample testing, progress:80%
4. Deeper Connect + Helium customized hardware initial production and testing, progress: 80%

1. Development process:
1.1 1.1.1.rel version update for Genesis Nodes and Testnet users
1.2 1.1.6.rel auto-update and manual update setting completed
1.3 New AtomOS WiFi version Deeper hardware adaptation

2. Troubleshoot:
2.1 1.1.1rel troubleshoot:
Add file name display to private key UI update
Enhance update progress FF
Resolved boundary issues

2.2 1.1.2.rel troubleshoot:
Fixed video playback issue before the certificate is installed
Improved BT flow detection
Improved login time check
Improved wallet page movement style
Improved change password page and login page

2.3 1.1.3.rel troubleshoot:
Fixed some one-arm issues
Enable one-arm mode for DPR devices
Add a timestamp to the DP section of the log page

2.4 1.1.4.rel troubleshoot:
Fixed DHCP issues
Fix left menu icon alignment issues

2.5 1.1.5.rel troubleshoot:
Enabled shared traffic exceeds 10MB each day for two consecutive days

2.6 1.1.6.rel troubleshoot:
Fixed a problem with resolv.conf
Updated some UI text
Fix Internet Explorer 11 compatibility problems
Improved some input boxes

2.7 1.1.7.rel troubleshoot:
Added WIFI support
Fixed an issue with smart routes
Improve credit accumulation
Enabled “Manual Upgrade” access when auto-update is enabled
Enable Update lock
Disable the DPN function of the -DPRB — device

3. Deeper Chain:
3.1 Important submission, revision, and releases:
Design, development, and testing of Blockchain Bridge

Design, development, and testing of ETH smart contract of Blockchain Bridge (

Design, development, and testing of the DeeperChain end of the Blockchain Bridge (

Design, development, and testing of the monitoring platform of Blockchain Bridge(

3.2 Technical scheme discussion
Added stake and unstake progress, support continuous staking and linear release 

Enhanced the liquidation process of credit model staking reward(

Community News
1. Mainnet launch event completed on Discord on September 1st and announced winner list
2. Deeper CMO, Eric Ma, hosted an AMA in the official Deeper Network telegram community, and was invited to speak on Tactical Investing YouTube channel and AMA
3. YouTube channels, including Tactical Investing, Mike D’Antignac, Cryptonauts, The Crypto Scrapyard, Action.CEO, NerdyDudeStuff published videos on Deeper Network’s Genesis Node device.
4. Mainnet reward rules and tutorials published on Medium
5. CryptoCart announced partnership with Deeper Network
6. Multiple platforms including Chuangshidai, CBERI, ChainNews,,、ZhiHU, Bili Bili,, reported on the Deeper Network project

Marketing News

1. Established long-term partnership with YangGuo Group; authorized YangGuo Group as the exclusive reseller of Mainland China.
2. Continue with strategic deployment of international distributor partnerships; the current number of orders reaching nearly 7,000 units
3. Established long-term partnership with UK distributor; two rounds of sales completed
4. Established long-term partnership with Sweden distributor; pre-sale is in progress
5. Established initial partnership with multiple distributors in USA, Canada, Hungary, Netherland, and the UK, and started test sales in local regions
6. Completed the Deeper Connect Mini campaign on Taiwan’s largest crowdfunding platform, Flying V, with total sales of $1.32 Million TWD; the next round of sales is currently in preparation
7. Deeper Connect Pico product video completed and planned to be released in November
8. Reached cooperation intention with a number of leading technology-review bloggers around the world for new Deeper Connect Pico review videos to be planned to release in November
9. New version of Deeper Connect Mini testing has competed
10. New product website’s function and payment process update to be completed in October and planned to be launched on November 1st


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3. Korean Telegram community: 705

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