Deeper Network Bi-Monthly Newsletter: 2023/05/01–2023/06/30

Deeper Network  Bi-Monthly Newsletter: 2023/05/01–2023/06/30

Deeper Network’s bi-monthly newsletter is a brief bulletin containing the latest community developments, technical updates, and market status of our project. It is periodically released at the beginning of every other month for our community members. We would like to thank every member of the Deeper Network community for your contributions and support. Here are the latest updates:

Technical Updates


  • Deeper Connect Pico- trial production of DDR4 memory version completed, all indicators tested in line with expectations
  • Deeper Connect Pico- DDR4 memory version has been placed into mass production
  • Deeper Connect Air- testing is completed, and the functions and performance are in line with expectations
  • Deeper Connect Air- based on the testing, and the first batch of trial users will provide feedback, and continuous improvement and optimization will follow
  • Deeper Connect SE’s exclusive Wi-Fi dongle, progress: 100%


AtomOS Development Progress: 
  • 1.2.0.rel version has been released
  • The SSL filter function restructured, progress is 99%, and has been integrated into 1.2.0.rel
  • Parental control progress 90%, has been integrated into 1.2.0.rel
  • App-relocator, cryptocurrency exchange module research, data preparation progress: 40%
  • Game acceleration feature research, data preparation, progress: 20%
  • DPN-Client Android, Windows, Linux development, progress: 95%, and started public beta testing
  •  DPN-Client iOS, MacOS development, progress: 95%, and started public beta testing

  • Added the app-relocator feature
  • Optimized and enhanced video ad-filter for video streaming websites
  • Added support for upcoming Deeper Connect Air
  • New default tunnels added
  • Fixed blocked service issues to certain countries/regions
  • Fixed timeout issue while accessing wallet
  • Implemented a "Download Logs" button on the network page
  • Improved ad block module
  • Enhanced underlying security
  • Removed "Micropayment Channel Balance"

DPN-Client bug fixes:

  • DPN-Client version updated on all platforms
  • Updated web filter functionality
  • User network detection
  • Related bug fixes for default tunnel
  • Other bug and UI fixes

Deeper Chain

Important tech submission: 

In May: 
  1. Completed the development of DeeperGPT v1 bot, front and back end functions
  2. Front end: 
  3. Back end: 
  4. Testing platform: 
  5. Re-support the on-chain staking feature: 
  6. Added supporting sui/tezos token:

Added DEP-docs documentation tutorial:

In June:
  1. DeeperGPT is launched on the official website and AtomOS and multiple front-end and back-end features are updated
  5. 1.3.0.dep1 released, some major feature updates, fixed address mapping pairing problem 
  6. hd-wallet adds support for cosmos/Fantom/Harmony tokens
  7. DEP reward binding relationship will only support the master key

Technical Scheme Discussion:
  • Optimized the design of the backend wallet key enhancement
  • Deeper customer service AI bot technology R&D
  • DeFi & hardware wallet R&D
  • Decentralized DNS technology R&D

Community News

Marketing News

In May:

  • Holiday promotion: the Mother's Day campaign, caring for the elders' online safety, increased attention in the community and social media
  • Flash sale of DPR Mini SE was promoted along with the Mother’s Day campgign
  • Indiegogo campagin: shared updates and information about the Deepr Connect Air  with Indiegogo subscribers. Updates and optimized the content of the warm-up page
  • KOL collaboration: Provided KOLs with latest updates on the Deeper Connect Air related articles and information. Also contacting Tier1 KOLs for collaboration
  • Content promotion: top five scenarios are launched, which allows users to quickly understand the core value of the Deeper Connect devices through common problems and its solutions
  • Collaboration with key customers: new reseller partnership in Taiwan, the Middle East, South Africa and other regions. Meanwhile, we also cross-industry collaborate  with IPTV company

In June: 

  • Official website update: The official website is being updated, which will present the problems that users encounter and provide solutions
  • Holiday promotion: the Father’s Day campaign, enjoy game night with Dad. The Deeper Connects can unlock streaming sports sites
  • Amazon shop launch: the launch of Amazon shop is near completion. 
  • Created a new quick start guide: helps users understand the main  features of the Deeper Connects
  • KOL collaboration: started shipping the Deeper Connect Air to KOLs for testing and preparing unboxing videos
  • Collaboration with key customers: new reseller partnership in the United States, UAE and other countries. The demand for devices in the Middle East has increased steadily, and has become a high node growth region


  • English Telegram community: 10,013
  • Chinese Telegram community: 1,769
  • Discord community: 8,598
  • Twitter: 47,536
  • Instagram: 7,348
  • Facebook: 13,786
  • Medium: 5,801
  • Reddit: 6,443
  • Weibo: 10,409