Deeper Network Monthly Newsletter: 2024/3/01–2024/4/30

Deeper Network Monthly Newsletter: 2024/3/01–2024/4/30

Deeper Network’s bi-monthly newsletter is a brief bulletin containing the latest community developments, technical updates, and market status of our project. It is periodically released at the beginning of every other month for our community members. We would like to thank every member of the Deeper Network community for your contributions and support. Here are the latest updates:

Technical Updates


  1. Mini V6 starts mass production and will be available soon
  2. Research 2.5Gbps high-performance pass through device, schematic design progress: 50%


AtomOS Development Progress: 

  • 1.2.5.rel and 1.2.6.rel firmware were released
  • APP-Relocator, cryptocurrency exchange module development, progress: 90%
  • Quick domain configuration smart route list function development, progress: 85%
  • App-Relocator application IP segment support, progress: 70%
  • Https filtering disables/enables a specific application development, progress: 80%
  • DPN node delay test function development, progress: 80%
  • The scheduled reboot function has been released with firmware 1.2.6.rel
  • GUI reconstruction, progress: 50%
  • Https ads filter feature optimization, update has been enabled
  • Deeper Wallet development version V1.0, progress: 90%
  • NAT functionality optimization, progress: 80%
  • QoS functionality research and development, progress: 40%


  • Added “Monthly Sharing Traffic Limit” switch
  • Added read-only Frequency Band field for wireless relay mode
  • Added Telegram, Messenger, ChatGPT, Canal+ to App Relocator 
  • Changed display of Smart Route menu
  • Fixed tunnels unable to delete bug
  • Fixed a bug regarding Wi-Fi password being changed upon reboot
  • Added new Access Control feature
  • Improved Sharing Traffic data
  • Improved tunnel setup
  • Modified theme color
  • Added support for hidden SSID
  • Separated ‘Not Set’ and ‘Direct Access’ for App Relocator
  • Added support for Unicode in SSID
  • Updated search criteria for country tunnel dropdown


  • Fixed a DHCP issue
  • Fixed IP not masked issue in sharing log
  • Implemented reboot page
  • Updated web filtering feature library

Deeper Chain

Important tech submission:

In March

  1. Hardware wallet

1.1 Code Optimization and Refactoring:

  • Completed restructuring of the call format for several pages such as AddAccount, AddCustomTokenParsing, BackUpAccountPrivateKey, etc., enhancing code maintainability and performance
  • Removed unused image resources and redundant code, optimizing application load speed and operational efficiency
  • Cleared all console.log from files to ensure code cleanliness and stability in production environments
  • Enhanced result success condition logic in multiple interfaces, improving methods for obtaining balance and token prices

1.2 User Experience Improvement:

  • Fixed several interface adaptability issues, such as password forget redirection during account backup and border overflow when changing page size
  • Adjusted the logo display on the receiving page, dynamically changing according to different tokens, enhancing dynamic interface and user experience

1.3 GUI-Backend

  • Database and Logical Function Improvements:
  • Implemented database support and logical function separation, increasing system flexibility and scalability
  • Reconstructed using new database execution functions, enhancing data processing efficiency and stability
  • Modified sqlite3 database requests, JSON field parsing retrieval methods, and provided table creation statements, optimizing data access processes

1.4 HD-Wallet

  • Chain ID Optimization:
  • Corrected the chain ID issues for Sepolia and Holesky, ensuring compatibility and correctness across different blockchain networks.

1.5 Proxy-Wallet

  • Security Enhancement:
  • Added timestamp verification and removed JWT token checks, further enhancing transaction security and the strictness of identity verification
  1. DPR-SOL-Bridge

2.1 Cross-Chain transfer method update

  • New cross-chain transfer application method introduced: apply_for_bridge_transfer allows users to apply to transfer assets from Deeper Chain to other blockchain networks
  • Cross-Chain Method Adjustment:
  • Modified the bridge_other_to_deeper and bridge_deeper_to_other methods to be compatible with any network address format
  • Added chain identifiers and data remark fields to enhance the flexibility and accuracy of cross-chain transfers

2.2 System Configuration:

  • Added set_fund_pool_address interface for setting the fund pool address

2.3 Solana Testnet Contract Deployment:

  • Deployed a contract on the Solana testnet and stored metadata files on Arweave, laying the foundation for cross-chain asset transfers

2.4 Implemented functions using Solana Rust SDK:

  • Completed the implementation of SPL transfer and monitoring functions using the Solana client. Successfully executed SPL token transfers on the Solana network and monitored confirmed transaction signatures to ensure smooth cross-chain transfers
3. Deeperscan api
  • Cross-Chain Application Query Interface (/api/v1/deeper/cross_chain_requests)
  • Allows users to query detailed information about cross-chain applications by block number, including transferring addresses, the amount transferred, and on which chain it occurred
  • New Event Check Interface (/api/v1/deeper/has_new_cross_chain)
  • Provides the ability to quickly check whether new cross-chain application events have occurred since the last queried block number
  • Cross-Chain Query Interface: Deeper to Other Blockchains (/api/v1/deeper/bridge_deeper_to_other)
  • Supports user filtering by block number, sender address, receiver address, and chain name, etc., to query details of cross-chain transfers from Deeper to other blockchains
  • Cross-Chain Query Interface: Other Blockchains to Deeper (/api/v1/deeper/bridge_other_to_deeper)
  • Similarly offers filtering capabilities, but focused on cross-chain transfers from other blockchains to Deeper
4. DPR-EZC-Bridge

4.1 Fixed metadata storage error:

  • This error stemmed from the blockchain removal of the withdrawal limit interface, which the server-side did not update accordingly, leading to error issues

4.2 Optimized gas cost estimation:

  • In the update_user_reward_era function, due to insufficient gas cost estimation, transactions failed

    In April 

    1. Hardware Wallet 

    Code Optimization and Refactoring:

    • Optimized the token selection logic and corrected improper impacts on select Token when choosing from the Token List
    • Refactored the gas cost calculation logic based on the main chain currency to ensure the accuracy of cost calculations
    • Fixed the issue of improper parameter concatenation for price and gas fees on the Send Token page, enhancing transaction execution efficiency
    • Standardized the use of selectTokenDecimal when calculating gasPrice, ensuring the precision of ETH and BNB is uniform at 18 digits.
    • Refactored selected token state management in Manage Wallet enhancing the component's flexibility and scalability
    • Optimized the user experience of using Create Password feature, added a loading indicator to provide feedback on process status
    • Optimized the token status update logic in Account Info to improve response speed and user interface interactivity
    • Cleared old price and balance information upon changes to chains or tokens, added a caching mechanism to optimize the get Token Price function performance, and set a 5-second timeout to maintain data timeliness
    2. Solana Cross-Chain Bridge Technical Progress
    • Function Development and Network Testing:
    • Designed and implemented the creation and management of SPL-Tokens on the Solana network, debugged issues with mainnet transaction failures to ensure transaction stability
    • Deployed DPR tokens on the Solana mainnet, completed mint operations and metadata settings, ensuring correct token attributes configuration and network compatibility
    • Monitored and optimized the operation of the cross-chain bridge on the mainnet, resolved fund address configuration issues, and enhanced system security and reliability
    3. Deeperscan API Functional Optimization
    • Interface Update and Performance Optimization:
    • Completed the restructuring of the bridge_deeper_to_other and bridge_other_to_deeper interfaces, fixed defects in the query logic, and improved data accuracy and response speed
    • Updated the adsc_transfer interface, added unique identifiers to enhance the tracking and management capabilities of transactions
    4. Proxy-Wallet and GUI-Backend Updates
    • System Performance Optimization and Problem Resolution:
    • Implemented string lowercase conversion in db.js, optimizing database interaction efficiency
    • Fixed mapping issues with token array for add token/del token function, ensuring data consistency and accuracy
    • Changed the Proxy Handler_get_token_price logic to use Redis caching, optimizing data processing speed and adding error logging. Used Grafana for system monitoring to enhance system stability and monitorability
    • Added multiple Redis caching interfaces, including get_nonce_redis, get_gasprice_redis, and get_erc20_meta_redis, to improve system response speed and data handling capabilities

    Technical Scheme Discussion: 

    1. Solana Cross-Chain Bridge Solution
    • Explore and evaluate technical solutions for transferring assets from Solana to other blockchains (and vice versa) to ensure the security and reliability of transactions
     2. SPL-Token Application Exploration
    • Researched and experimented with methods for creating SPL-Tokens, including token initialization, issuance, and management, to freely create and use custom tokens on the Solana platform
    • Transfers and additional information: discussed the technical details of adding extra information to SPL-Token transfers using with-memo, which provides feasibility for additional verification and recording of transactions
    • Client monitoring: shared methods for client-side monitoring of transfer activities in specified Solana accounts, which is particularly important for developing applications that need real-time responses to asset changes
     3. Solana New Technology Research and Learning
    • Token extension study: researched the recently launched token extension feature on Solana, which is significant for expanding the application scenarios of SPL-Tokens and enhancing their functionalities
    • Transaction command combinations: explored various combinations of commands for sending transactions on the Solana platform, particularly focusing on how to effectively build and sign transactions to ensure their smooth execution
    • SPL-Token swap learning: delved into the SPL-Token Swap, a program that allows for decentralized token exchanges on Solana, playing a key role in providing liquidity
     4. Hardware Wallet and Token Management Optimization Plan
    • Token selection logic optimization: discussed and implemented methods to optimize token selection logic, ensuring accuracy and response speed in user interactions with select token
    • Transaction fee calculation mechanism: conducted in-depth analysis and restructured the gas cost calculation logic based on the main chain currency, enhancing the accuracy and consistency of cost estimation
    • User interface experience optimization: discussed interaction details in the user interface, such as improving the logic for displaying passwords and issues with input field placeholders, enhancing the convenience of user operations and the friendliness of the interface
     5. In-depth Research on Solana Cross-Chain Bridge and SPL-Token Applications
    • Stability and security of the Solana cross-chain bridge: continued exploration and evaluation of technical solutions for asset transfers from Solana to other blockchains, particularly analyzing issues related to transaction failures in the mainnet environment, to ensure the security and reliability of cross-chain operations
    • Advanced applications of SPL-Tokens: conducted in-depth research on the creation, management, and scalability of SPL-Tokens on the Solana, including the technical implementation of using token metadata to set token attributes and additional transaction information
    • Client functionality expansion: shared how clients based on the Solana network can monitor and respond to asset changes, which is significant for developing real-time asset monitoring capabilities
     6. Advanced Function Development for Proxy-Wallet and GUI-Backend
    • Database and cache management: discussed optimization of database requests for the proxy-wallet, implementing solutions using Redis caching to speed up data processing and query responses, especially in managing token prices and transaction nonces
    • System monitoring and error logging: introduced a more detailed error logging mechanism, using the Grafana tool to monitor system status, facilitating the timely detection and resolution of operational issues

    Technical document reference:

    Community News

    • Published monthly lock screen wallpapers and other Deeper Network branding initiatives
    • Shared tips for using the Deeper Connect devices
    • Shared interesting information related to cybersecurity
    • Continuously share different types of content related to privacy and security protection across social media platforms to educate the community
    • The Deeper Network YouTube channel uploaded 12+ tutorials on Deeper Connect features
    • Offer Spring Sale promotions
    • Released the latest firmware UI improvements with ACL (access control list) feature, allowing users to choose different tunnel modes for different devices
    • Deeper Connect Air officially launched on the Deeper website
    • Shared a post for International Women's Day on March 8
    • Continuously share Deeper blockchain data & encryption statistics weekly
    • Shared stories to help the community understand how Deeper Connect can help them avoid geo restrictions and protect online security in daily life
    • Shared user testimonials and feedback on using the device
    • Deeper's Chief Evangelist Eric Ma represented the project at the Hong Kong 2024 DePIN Global Hardware Conference, generating many inquiries and selling out on-site Deeper Connect devices
    • Created a poll for community to vote for naming the latest Deeper Connect device, the winning name was "Deeper Connect Lite"
    • Deeper Connect Mini’s popularity caused it to be temporarily out of stock. User pre-order specials for the Mini at a discounted price; the shipments began at the end of April
    • Launched an Earth Day promotional event
    • Deeper team participated in the annual TECHSPO event in Vancouver, Canada, on April 25-26, attracting many technology enthusiasts
    • KOL YouTube support: DeeperNaut, Furhan Reviews, Matrix Money Podcast, Diego, Crypto Jar

    Marketing News 

    In March

    • Amazon store: our Amazon stores (including Amazon US and Amazon CA) have almost completed a comprehensive redesign and are currently launching Deeper Connect Air and Deeper Connect Mini
    • New market development: expanding into the Asian market, especially in India to expand nodes. Many Indian resellers reached out to the project and have been in discussion of collaboration. Expecting to increase India nodes in the second half of the year
    • Promotions: Spring sale was launched in early March, offering discounted small bundles. This allows users to use the device in various environments
    • Reseller recruitment: recruitment posts on LinkedIn have been very well received, attracting applications from businesses in technology services, information security, digital marketing, and many other industries
    • Website updates: Deeper Connect Mini, Air and Pico setup and features tutorials. There have been price adjustments in the product line due to the rising costs in various categories

    In April

    • Indiegogo crowdfunding: in discussions with Kickstarter and Japan's largest crowdfunding platform, Campfire, for further collaboration and launching new devices
    • DPN software updates: the DPN App is nearly complete and will be available to Deeper Connect hardware users first as a benefit for existing users
    • New market development: currently promoting devices in the Russian market to expand nodes in Russia
    • Promotions: an Earth Day campaign was launched where buyers of the Deeper Connect Pico could receive a free storage bag. In late April, the presale for Deeper Connect Mini ended, and the new Deeper Connect Mini comes equipped with a dual antenna, providing users with a better experience at home.
    • New channel expansion: the full product line has launched on Best Buy CA, with special discounts on the platform