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How to watch English and EU Football with the Deeper Connect Air

How to watch English and EU Football with the Deeper Connect Air - Deeper Network

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world, as evidenced by the massive audience that watches the English Premier League. The EPL is broadcast in 212 territories to 643 million homes, making it a highly coveted property for cable and streaming companies.

However, in some territories, such as the UK, the broadcasting rights for the EPL are divided among multiple companies, which can be anti-consumer and expensive for fans. Even worse, these broadcasting packages often don't even give fans access to every match.

The average household in some countries pays around $80 USD every month for cable TV, but even this doesn't guarantee access to all EPL matches due to blackout-like restrictions. Being a passionate football fan can be financially draining with the inflated prices of cable packages for access to the EPL, Champions League, Europa League, FA Cup, and League Cup games.

But there is good news for fans in Canada, where every single EPL match is available live. And the best part is the price: only $16.66 USD per month with an annual plan on FuboTV Canada. And with Deeper Connect Air, you can easily access FuboTV Canada from anywhere in the world. Sign up now to receive the launching date and huge discount.


How do you watch English Premier League on FuboTV Canada

Step 1

Simply connect the Deeper Connect Air, make sure it is working properly 


Step 2

Go to the dashboard of Deeper Connect Air and find the FuboTV setting in the App Relocator function

Deeper Connect Air App Relocator function - Decentralized private network (DPN) hardware


Step 3

Switch your FuboTV tunnel to Canada

Watch English and EU Football with the Deeper Connect Air


Step 4

Sign up at FuboTV website and select the annual plan. Enjoying the English Premier League.

Watch English and EU football from anywhere by deeper connect air