Deeper Connect’s Indiegogo Campaign Launch Date is here, June 30th!

Deeper Connect’s Indiegogo Campaign Launch Date is here, June 30th!

We know it has been a long wait: the accumulated experience of two years of active design and development, and three previous models where we learn a lot from our mistakes but at the same time we conquered new highs. We are finally here, ready to offer you a world class working product. Our Indiegogo campaign launching date is June 30th!

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We want to create incentives for those that come first to show their support with amazing discounts of up to 45% ! Once that cap has been reached, the discount will decrease a little bit, and so on until the devices reaches it standard price which is around 299 USD.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get the next level of internet privacy and security.

 We are the world’s first Decentralized Private Network.

Deeper Connect introduces a whole new paradigm beyond current VPNs, and brings you private, open and unrestricted access to the Internet from anywhere and at any time, by a revolutionary Decentralized Private Network (DPN) technology. This is the best solution to VPNs limitations with the advantages of a truly private internet connection!

 A portable, stable, secure and censorship resistant network anywhere, anytime:

People often use VPNs during travels or at home, trying to access internet content otherwise geographically restricted. Others use VPNs for online privacy and home network safety. Unlike VPNs, nobody can interrupt or track your Internet connection.

 Access the content you desire:

Don’t worry again about the regional content restrictions of your subscription-based streaming services. With Deeper Connect Mini you can access your favorite shows, documentaries or films independently of your location.

 Smart routing function:

Our smart router function will allow Deeper Connect to establish up to 16 tunnels to other Deeper Connect devices (nodes) all over the world. The more nodes around the world, the more robust, reliable, and capable of offering high Internet speed — without the bottlenecks typical of VPNs — our decentralized network will be.

 No monthly payment, be part of our sharing economy and get updates.

Receive credits by sharing your idle bandwidth with other users, exchange those credits for monthly updates. Be part of our sharing economy.

 Watch HD streaming no matter where you are:

Never sacrifice Internet speed when you use Deeper Connect to access a secure and private Internet. Our device allows you to watch HD streaming no matter where you are. In contrast, traditional VPN experiences are plagued by limited bandwidth, data usage limits, frequent changing of servers, and the lack of servers in key countries.

 Operating system (AtomOS) with a lock-free design, this is an enterprise-class product at an affordable price.

Our device is capable of achieving the level and performance of enterprise-class products at a very low cost. Products of similar specifications, such as a Palo Alto Network device, may cost more than $10,000 USD. Currently, Deeper Network is targeting the network security market for the general public.

 Remote workers, this is the level of security and protection you need!

Today more than ever tech companies are working to enable organizations to operate on a global scale in an efficient manner. Deeper Connect will contribute to this effort offering enterprise level cybersecurity and privacy for remote workers.

 Just Plug and Play, yes it is that simple.

The design concept of Deeper Connect is plug-and-play with zero configuration. In place of an Ethernet cable, users only need to plug-in two ends of network cables into Deeper Connect to have access to the free, secure and private Internet. No settings or configurations of any kind are needed.

 Block ads, malware, viruses and other annoyances.

You will be able to keep trackers away, avoid being profiled based on your browsing activity, block any threats posed by malware or any intrusive software, push away phishing websites and have a noise free browsing experience with no ads popping here and there. You will keep track of all this activity being able to interact with the device in the simplest way possible.

 Parents, this is the device you are looking for to block adult content.

Parenting is a great responsibility and it doesn’t come without challenges. Our Parental Control function ensures your kids are protected and not expose to adult or violent content when they are on the Internet.

 A secure gateway protecting all your IoT devices.

Deeper Connect can protect all your IoT devices, by adding a secure gateway between your home and the external Internet, protecting all your home devices such as PCs, smartphones and security cameras from online threats. Our product has been designed by top-level network security and distributed systems experts based in Silicon Valley. The company’s core technical team are veterans from Google, Palo Alto Networks, VMware and other technology companies. In the end what it matters is that it will take care of your family and protect your kids from IoT intrusions.

We truly believe this is an epoch making device which will revolutionize the way people understand their relationship with the internet. Privacy, security and fairness will become the norm and the advantages of a sharing economy will become evident.

We have to make a pause to thank our supporters, for their patience and for not giving up on this extraordinary project to build the democratic internet we all deserve.

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