Deeper Network Selected for the Substrate Builders Program

Deeper Network Selected for the Substrate Builders Program

Decentralization has been an important concept for the next generation of Internet, Web 3.0; blockchain was created to facilitate and ensure secure and transparent transactions. It is the foundation of a decentralized Web 3.0 revolution. Our current internet experience can be viewed as a series of transactions with different intermediaries, most of which are powerful corporations with a vise grip on our personal data. In exchange for their services, we are giving up our valuable personal data which are oftentimes used against us without our knowledge in the form of mass surveillance, censorships, and targeted advertisement.

Deeper Network fully embraces net neutrality and believes fair, private, and secure access to an uncensored internet is a fundamental human right.

Deeper Network is building a truly decentralized and secure gateway towards a more democratic internet. The company’s vision is to deliver the next generation of trusted, private, and secure internet gateway into every household. For this standout vision, Deeper Network was selected over numerous applicants to take part in the Substrate Builders Program, bringing us one step closer to the future of a truly decentralized web. Deeper Network’s flagship product line, the Deeper Connect, is the world’s first blockchain-powered secure gateway that enables users to securely and privately browse the internet free of censorship. Participation in the Substrate Builders Program marks the beginning of Deeper Network’s pivotal role in the Polkadot ecosystem and opens up a new world of possibilities for Deeper Network to expand upon its own blockchain ecosystem.

By joining the Substrate builders program the core development team for Deeper Network will be supported by the Parity team and its community in preparation for the launch of the mainnet.

Deeper Network’s Deeper Chain was built from the ground up to be the backbone of a decentralized web infrastructure. The Deeper Chain is a truly decentralized smart contract platform characterized by high scalability and low power consumption. It can process up to 100,000 transactions per second and is secured by the unique, energy-efficient Proof of Credit consensus algorithm that ensures fair mining participation for all. Deeper Chain powers the company’s Decentralized Private Network, dubbed DPN, a peer-to-peer bandwidth marketplace where users can share bandwidth with each other in exchange for DPR tokens. The network serves as the first killer application aimed to kickstart a decentralized sharing economy on the decentralized smart contract platform.

Most blockchain projects attempt to build their blockchain before finding relevant applications and product-market fit. Deeper Network’s mantra has always been about delivering delightful user experiences. Deeper Network’s flagship Deeper Connect devices are designed to provide value to the end-user rather than serve as a vehicle for speculators. The Deeper Connect Mini is supported by thousands of Indiegogo backers around the world. It provides privacy, security, and a plug & play DPN (decentralized private network) out of the box with zero configurations and technical barriers. Deeper Connect’s organic on-ramp and mass appeal pave the way for Deeper Network’s blockchain ambitions. Real-world users form the foundational base-layer, AKA the deeper layer that the blockchain layer is built on. This dual-layer structure forms a closed loop: The blockchain layer incentivizes the users to join the deeper layer and earn block rewards via bandwidth sharing. Devices in the deeper layer will earn micropayments and accumulate credit scores when sharing bandwidth. Users can delegate their credit scores to validators in the blockchain layer to secure the entire blockchain. The network uses a unique Proof of Credit consensus mechanism that ensures security and true decentralization. This credit-based mechanism can be used widely in various applications similar to traditional financial services. From a broader point of view, this dual-layer blockchain system acts as the gateway of Web 3.0. It is fully decentralized, governed by the people with security and privacy as first-class citizens.

We are at an inflection point in the history of technological development. We can choose to stand up for our digital rights or remain silent and suppressed by the ever-growing powers of centralized web giants. Join Deeper Network now to liberate our Internet the way it was meant to be: private, secure, and fair.

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