Deeper Network Monthly Newsletter:2021/11/1–2021/11/30

Deeper Network Monthly Newsletter:2021/11/1–2021/11/30

Deeper Network’s Monthly Newsletter is a brief bulletin containing the latest community developments, technical updates, and market status of our project. It is periodically released at the end of each month with our community members. We would like to thank each and every member of the Deeper Network community for your attention and support. Here are the latest updates:

Technical Updates


1. Deeper Connect WIFI officially in production

2. Deeper Connect Pico officially in production

3. Deeper Connect Mini+ officially in production

4. Deeper Connect + Helium customized hardware officially in production

5. Deeper Connect exclusive storage hardware, hardware material selection, progress: 90%


1. AtomOS Development process:

1.1.10.rel worldwide auto-update and manual update setting completed

2. AtomOS Troubleshoot:


l Achieve blacklisted domain binding to shared bandwidth traffic

l Solved PoCr transaction lost issue

l Solved memory pool issue

l Reduced deposit for micropayment

l Increased firmware update speed

l Improved WiFi function

l Improved internal log record

3. Deeper Chain:

3.1 Important submission, revision, and releases:

l New BSC bridge and Pancake integration achieved witness signature and withdrawal cancellation functions

l New BSC staking function and multi-chain reconciliation function achieved multi-chain data checking

l Staking module reconstruction, including Frame V1 transformation Frame V2 framework, and mechanism of income release

l Resolved the indexer breakdown caused by the kind conflict; resolved unexpected epoch changes issue causing the block to fail

l Resolved issues with some users failing to receive daily rewards after staking; fixed WebSocket exception thrown in Deeper connection chain

l Added deeper developer documentation system, including developer documentation, interface documentation, and FAQs

3.2 Technical scheme discussion

l New staking module scheme discussion and design, including PoCr reward release and burning system

l Design of multi-capital pool monitoring and management mechanism

l ETH-BSC Bridge data migration design

3.3 Technical document reference




Community News

  1. Deeper Network CMO Eric Ma hosted Deeper Network’s official Telegram group AMA and 499 AMA.
  2. Deeper Network CMO, Eric Ma also held special AMA events for the New Zealand/ Australia and Korean mining communities.

3. DPR listed on KuCoin on November 11th; transactions started on November 12th, withdrawal started on November 13th

4. Deeper Network and KuCoin achieved partnership and co-hosted an airdrop event with over 5000 participants

5. Deeper became the first blockchain project to be approved by Helium

6. CryptoCart announced that users can use DPR as a payment on the official website

7. Deeper Network Support page official launched to provide users with more efficient customer service

8. Deeper Network official integrated with BSC on November 26th. Users can buy DPR on Pancakeswap and KuCoin

9. YouTube channels, including Action CEO, Scytheanomics, Tactical Investing, and Tario Sultan, released videos on the Deeper Network project

10. Deeper Network November 11 Giveaway Event completed with 599 participants

11. ChainNews & Yahoo Finance released articles on Deeper Network projects

Marketing News

1. Teach Train Trade academy completed the second round of sales

2. Singapore reseller completed the first round of test sales, the second round has been initiated

3. Netherland reseller completed second round of local sales, third and fourth rounds have been initiated

4. Taiwan’s largest crowdfunding platform, Flying V, has launched the second round of sales featuring Deeper Connect Nano; currently raised close to 300K

5. Canadian reseller completed the second round of local sales, the third round has been initiated.

6. Deeper Connect Pico successfully launched on one of the World’s largest crowdfunding platforms, Kickstarter. The funding goal of $100K was reached within 1 hour. Over $1 Million USD was funded within 1 week.

7. Launched limited promotion of Buy 10 Pico and get the same amount in DPR. The event will last from mid-November to the beginning of December

8. Pico referral program to be launched from the end of November to December. The event is open to the public; each referral will receive a cashback reward.

9. Deeper Network HNT Miner pre-sale launched in November on


1. English Telegram community: 15,076

2. Chinese Telegram community: 2,070

3. Discord: 5,392

4. Twitter:39,105

5. Facebook:12,977

6. Medium: 4,862

7. Reddit 3,563

8. Instagram 1,422

9. WeiBo: 10,283