Deeper Network Monthly Newsletter:2021/5/1–2021/5/31

Deeper Network Monthly Newsletter:2021/5/1–2021/5/31

Deeper Network’s Monthly Newsletter is a brief bulletin containing the latest community developments, technical updates, and market status of our project. It is periodically released at the end of each month with our community members. We would like to thank each and every member of the Deeper Network community for your attention and support. Here are the latest updates:

Technical Updates


1. Deeper Connect Mini new mining version mold development, progress: 80%

2. Deeper Connect Mini new cooling system design, progress: 70%

3. Deeper Connect Nano new cooling system design, progress:80%

4. Deeper Connect WIFI appearance mold development, progress:30%

5. Deeper Connect Pico hardware and appearance design, progress: 85%


1. Development process:

1.1 Atom OS Bridge connection mode, progress: 60%

1.2 Atom WIFI software code progress:88%

1.3 Transparent proxy development, progress: 80%

2. Troubleshoot:

2.1 Optimize background CPU usage of AtomOS

2.2 Tunnel establishment and node connection fix

2.3 Resolve transaction history order sequence issue

3. Deeper Chain:

3.1 New PoC mining mechanism design, progress: 80%

3.2 Adjust credit score increase mechanism, progress: 90%

3.3 Completed the fourth round of local AB testing and data collection for the Testnet

3.4 Design token conversion bridge between ERC 20 and the mainnet: 50%

3.5 Completed DPR linear release (IDO, KOL, VC) contract preparation and deployment

3.6 Equity NFT mechanism design, progress: 100%

3.7 Equity NFT contract design, progress: 80%

Community News

1. Third round of liquid mining ended on May 25, producing a total of 1.25 million DPR. The fourth round will end on June 9 with a total of 625,000 DPR.

2. Deeper CMO, Eric Ma, was invited to 499Block live show, Altcoin Buzz YouTube channel, and CryptoNesia AMA.

3. CryptoLark, Twitter influencer with 353k followers, published a Wealth Mastery investor report covering Deeper Network project and product.

4. Established research partnership with Cointelegraph.

5. Altcoin Buzz covered Deeper Network’s liquid mining on Uniswap on May 1st.

Marketing News

1. Indiegogo campaign contributions reaching $1.4 million. Over 3335 Minis and 1151 Nanos has been shipped to cover all orders placed before the end of April.

2. Deeper Connect Nano on Stackcommerce reached over $120k in sales.

3. Deeper Connect Mini on Japanese crowdfunding platform, Green Funding, has completed first round of sales. Second round of crowdfunding sale planning to be hosted on Campfire platform.

4. Initial communication with two distribution agencies located in Eastern and Central Europe.


English Telegram community: 17461

English Telegram community two: 7327

Chinese Telegram community: 758

Chinese Telegram technical communication community: 8699

Korean Telegram community: 812.

Deeper Connect Mini fans Telegram community: 406