Deeper Network Monthly Newsletter:2021/7/1–2021/7/31

Deeper Network Monthly Newsletter:2021/7/1–2021/7/31

Deeper Network’s Monthly Newsletter is a brief bulletin containing the latest community developments, technical updates, and market status of our project. It is periodically released at the end of each month with our community members. We would like to thank each and every member of the Deeper Network community for your attention and support. Here are the latest updates:

Technical Updates

1. Deeper Connect Mini Genesis node appearance mold, progress 100% Currently in production
2. Deeper Connect WIFI appearance mold development, progress: 100%
3. Material selection and testing for Deeper Connect Pico specialized accessories, progress:95%
4. Deeper Connect + Helium specialized hardware design, progress:85%

1. Development progress:
- 1.1.0.c6 software version upgrade for global users
- 1.1.0.c9 software version testing in certain regions
- Transparent proxy for YouTube APP ad-block on Android 90%
- Helium mining application

2. Troubleshoot:
- Fixing of the node map display issue on dashboard
- Include notification of tunnel country under the tunnel page
- ARM log page enhancing (loading speed-enhancing)
- Adding Sharing log page
- When Deeper Connect serves as a server node, limit the connecting tunnels
- Tunnel page search bug fixing
- Block IP display on the log page

3. Deeper Chain:
- New PoCr mining mechanism development, progress:70%
- Expand A/B testing of the testnet. The 10th round will start soon
- PoCr Genesis Node system application, staking system development: 100%

Community News

1. The seventh-round liquidity staking ended on July 25th, producing a total of 625,000DPR

2. Genesis node whitelisting, which started on July 27th, received massive support from the community with thousands of registrants within the first hour. Phase 1 genesis node staking started on August 1st

3. Recruiting Chinese community ambassadors event received more than 150 applications, and 19 ambassadors were selected

4. Deeper CMO, Eric Ma, was interviewed by Tenary, 499, Yage, Gate, Shrimp community (sponsored by Flybit), Odaily, Real Satoshi, 8848 AMA; Live voice chat AMA with Deeper official Telegram community

5. Deeper CTO, Joe Bai, participated in Bimen and Orange community AMA

6. Deeper Network Marketing VP, Stella, participated in: Hermes Club、Xunzhi Capital, Judian Capital, Chaincatcher, and 7 O’Clock Community AMA

7. Deeper Network CMO, Eric Ma was interviewed by several Youtube channels: Tactical Investing, Crypto Coin Show, and also participated in an AMA with Crypto Revolution

8. Deeper Network officially announced Helium application to combine mining techniques with HNT

9. Multiple media platforms including Huoxin, Yuecaijing, Jinse, Bihu, Cryptoslate, PA News, Chain News, Odaily have released articles about “Genesis Node Mining Launch Event”

10. Multiple releases of videos by Youtube channels about Deeper Genesis Node event: Informal Crypto, Crypto Data, Planet Crypto (non-official partnership)

11. Reddit community has over 1,000 members

12. Creation of Discord Chinese community

Market News

1. Establishment of the next round of global distribution agency communication, including potential partners in the USA, Sweden, Netherlands, Romania, Germany, Thailand, etc.

2. Reached initial distribution agreement with Romanian partner, confirmed test sales in local channels

3. Reached initial distribution agreement with agents in Netherland, in process of confirming partnership terms

4. Reached initial distribution agreement with Swedish partner. Contract in process

5. Products sold out on both Indiegogo and StackCommerce. The next round of sales will start soon based on the planning of production and shipping for the next batch

6. Deeper Connect Mini successfully launched on Taiwan’s largest crowdfunding platform- Flying V and completed its campaign funding goal within 2 weeks

7. 2nd round of Deeper Connect Mini and Deeper Connect Nano sales have launched on Japan’s largest crowdfunding platform — Campfire


1. English Telegram Community:18230

2. Chinese Telegram Community:863

3. Korean Community: 770

4. Discord community:1627

5. Twitter: 28000

6. Instagram: 829

7. Facebook:12197

8. Reddit: 1400

9. Medium: 2611

10. Weibo: 10214

11. Wechat: 12511