Deeper Network Monthly Newsletter:2021/8/1–2021/8/31

Deeper Network Monthly Newsletter:2021/8/1–2021/8/31

Deeper Chain Mainnet has been launched and will serve as the next driver to the growth of our network and our web 3.0 ecosystem. Built on Polkadot substrate using the proof of credit consensus algorithm, Deeper Chain is fast, inclusive and interoperable. With the framework and continued development of the DPN, Decentralized Web3 Infrastructure and Web 3 gateway, the Deeper Network ecosystem’s growth potential is massive!

Below is Deeper Network’s Monthly Newsletter is a brief bulletin containing the latest community developments, technical updates, and market status of our project. It is periodically released at the end of each month with our community members. We would like to thank each and every member of the Deeper Network community for your attention and support. Here are the latest updates:

Technical Updates


1. Deeper Connect WIFI test production, progress: 80%

2. Deeper Connect Pico test production, progress: 80%

3. High-performance Deeper Connect model (unnamed) hardware development, progress:60%

4. Deeper Connect + Helium customized hardware design, progress: 100%, currently in inspection


1. Development process:

1.1 Global user update to 1.1.0.c13 version

1.2 Internal testing for 1.1.0.rel completed. Online push will begin on August 29

1.3 Innovatively solved the problem of devices without certificates bypass SSL MITM, and is applying for a patent

2. Troubleshoot:

2.1 Log display optimization

2.2 Device management page adding user manual link in the top bar

2.3 New software version number restore

2.4 Transparent proxy: add the installation certificate on the custom rule page; fixed the duplicate submission when adding custom rules; fixed x86 not being able to add rules to devices

2.5 Mainnet DPR wallet version adjustment

2.6 Provides prompts for uploading files during wallet binding (private key)

2.7 Solved device crash issues caused by a UDP packet

3. Deeper Chain:

3.1 New PoC mining mechanism design, progress: 100%; written into Deeper Chain along with genesis staking

3.2 Mainnet successfully went live on August 28 at 11:00 am PST

3.3 Testnet device and distributed functional device registration and staking system development: 95%

3.4 Blockchain browser initiation officially confirmed development: 30%

Community News

1. Completed Phase 1 Genesis Node Event on August 1st with over 1000 participants. Phase 2 started on August 4th and successfully completed on August 26th

2. Mainnet pre-live giveaway event hosted on August 18th — 28th

3. Deeper Chain mainnet went live on August 28th

4. Mainnet reward rule announced online

5. Company history updated on Deeper Network website

6. Deeper CMO, Eric Ma, and Marketing Partner, Stella, as well as CTO, Joe, was invited to DAOQquare AMA and 499 to host Deeper Network bilingual Zoom AMA; Stella also was invited to Azer AMA

7. YouTube channels, including Action Crypto、Tactical Investing、Tactical Investing、Crypto Slate、Informal Crypto, published videos on the Deeper Genesis Node Airdrop and Giveaway event.

8. Taiwan YouTuber, Wilson 说给你听、脑哥Chill, published videos for Deeper Connect Mini

9. Multiple media platforms including BiHu, Cryptoslate, ChainNews, and Odaily, published news on Deeper Network’s “Genesis Node Airdrop Event”

Marketing News

1. Continue to establish communication with global distributors in North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia.

2. Established partnership with Romanian distributor, initiated local test sales

3. Established partnership with Netherland distributor, initiated local test sales

4. Confirmed partnership with distributors in Sweden, USA, and the UK, in process of finalizing contract details

5. New round of Indiegogo shipping has started and will include a free power adaptor for certain countries

6. Deeper Connect Mini campaign on Taiwan’s largest crowdfunding platform, Flying V, has exceeded the original goal by 428%; extended the campaign to September 14th due to the high demand; shipping has been completed for early backers

7. Deeper Network new website is ready to launch in September for worldwide retail service

8. The 6th generation device, Deeper Connect Pico, is ready to launch in September. Pico is the thinnest, lightest, smallest, most compatible model with WIFI capacity


1. English Telegram community: 18730

2. Chinese Telegram community: 972

3. Korean Telegram community: 757

4. Discord: 3130

5. Twitter:31100

6. Facebook:12349

7. Reddit: 1956

8. Instagram: 988

9. Medium: 2919

10. Weibo: 10244