Deeper Network Monthly Newsletter:2022/5/1–2022/5/31

Deeper Network Monthly Newsletter:2022/5/1–2022/5/31

Deeper Network’s monthly newsletter is a brief bulletin containing the latest community developments, technical updates, and market status of our project. It is periodically released at the beginning of each month for our community members. We would like to thank every member of the Deeper Network community for your attention and support. Here are the latest updates:

Technical Updates


  • Deeper Connect Storage dedicated hardware, appearance structure design, proofing, Progress: 50%
  • Deeper Connect storage dedicated hardware, components research, testing, Progress: 80%
  • Deeper Connect Pico- cooling solution research, Progress: 30%


  1. AtomOS Development Process
  • 1.1.16.rel global release
  • 1.1.16. Rel User manual update and automatic update deployment
  • Special VLAN network packet problem handling, user testing, progress: 95%
  • D-ads function development, progress: 50%
  • Optimized Pico hardware resource consumption research, 30% progress

2. AtomOS Troubleshoot:

  • 1.1.16.rel
    - Added a notification for ads filter
    - Added credit tier field
    - Changed credit accumulation rule
    - Fixed an issue with the device IP
    - Fixed an issue with the RPC endpoint
    - Fixed port 44158 issue
    - Implemented the “Unstake” button
    - Improved Wi-Fi connection flow
    - Adjusted tunnel region Mexico from Central America to North America
    - Support added for NFT avatar
    - Support added for Web Filter blacklist wildcard for import

3. Deeper Chain:

Important submission:
- Upgrade Deeper-Chain/Deeper-Frontier dependency to polkadot-v0.9.19
- Implement Genesis_node and Basic_mining scheme staking function
- Implementation of continuation of staking switching functionality, including staking scheme data migration.
- Implement staking credit score and staking release function
- Implement burning DPR to obtain EZC function
- Implement DPR, Credit modified proxy account function
- Fix the problem of credit_history event not shown in Deeperscan, add StringLimit to 768 for NFT airdrop

4. Technical Scheme Discussion:
- Staking switch & staking release scheme design, separation of staking credit score and behavior accumulated credit score, linear release trigger logic, proxy account authorization logic
- NFT airdrop scheme design, in Genesis/Moderator/Deepernaut order, genesis divided into gold and silver addresses, names and descriptions in NFT

Technical document reference:

Community News

  • Eric Ma, CMO of Deeper Network, participated in the “New Kids on the Blockchain” event to share Web3 information and introduced Deeper Network
  • Gleam Event NFT draw ended successfully on May 23, with 104 winners announced on May 25
  • Published the tutorial of how to create a Deeper Wallet on Polkdadot Extension, articles about Deeper Network NFT, Basic Mining 2.0, EZC and the future planning of the Next-Generation PoW incentive algorithm
  • Shared the post about the Trident Protocol
  • Deeper Network is confirmed as a sponsor and will man a booth at Consensus 2022
  • Continued infographics publication and educational initiative with community users on the Deeper Network
  • Published videos on VPN technology and how to check iOS using Ad Block, discussed by Eric Ma, CMO, and Ryan Hevern, Global Community Manager on Deeper Network’s official Youtube channel
  • Youtube channels: Wise Beyond Bitcoin, Geekrar, AGC Media, Bailey Chiu, Savvy Stevie, Rabid Mining, Swan Castle Crypto, MEXC Crypto Exchange, and The Vegan Skunk published videos about the Deeper Network
  • Media platforms in Mainland China have published articles such as “Want to be a Web3 Insider? Be a Member of Deeper Network” and “Web3 Changes: Looking Back On Deeper Network Year One”, introducing the development history of Deeper Network in-depth, and has been reported by multiple well-known media on Baidu
  • 4 types of NFTs were minted on Deeper Chain to enrich the Deeper Network ecosystem
  • Genesis nodes mining 1.0 officially ended, gold and silver devices started a new round of staking rewards
  • Made it to the elite eight in the global Web3 project Consensus Conference jointly held by XTC (EXTREME TECH CHALLENGE) and Coindesk
  • Increased Deeper Network branding and interaction on Weibo. The reading volume of a single post exceeded 6,000 views

Marketing News

  • Deeper Network won first place in the western American division in the entrepreneurship competition jointly held by Stanford University, Harvard University, and MIT
  • New official website ( and new online store ( officially launched at the end of May with a new vision, and a smoother shopping experience
  • Amazon and Newegg’s US and Canada are ready to launch in the first week of June; Mini and Pico have been sold and promoted online on Stack
  • Signed a cooperation agreement with the largest e-commerce platform in Switzerland to start sales in June; India’s two major agents are waiting for bulk import certificates; discussed dropshipping details with European and Australian agents
  • Father’s Day sales promotion will be held from June 1st to 19th. 10% off on one set of Pico and 20% off on two sets or more; 10% off on one Mini and 15% off on two Minis or more
  • The Affiliate Program platform migrated from Deeper Network to UpPromote at the end of May and has been sending login information to registered users since May 28
  • The first round of global Affiliate Program commissions (February-April) was issued to hundreds of registered users on May 31
  • The 3-port USB cooling base for Mini launched on Deeper Network online store and is expected to start selling in mid-June.

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