Deeper Network Bi-Monthly Newsletter: 2023/07/01–2023/08/31

Deeper Network Bi-Monthly Newsletter: 2023/07/01–2023/08/31

Deeper Network’s bi-monthly newsletter is a brief bulletin containing the latest community developments, technical updates, and market status of our project. It is periodically released at the beginning of every other month for our community members. We would like to thank every member of the Deeper Network community for your contributions and support. Here are the latest updates:

Technical Updates


  • Deeper Connect Pico- increased memory (1G memory) model, all indicators tested in line with expectations and have been officially placed into mass production
  • Deeper Connect Air- completed the stability-optimized version and a small batch trial production
  • Deeper Connect Mini- adapted to high-performance WiFi dongle, completed hardware debugging, progress 60%


AtomOS Development Progress:

  • 1.2.1.rel version has been released
  • Backup tunnel feature development, progress: 70%
  • App-relocator, cryptocurrency exchange module research, data preparation progress: 40%
  • APP-Relocator, discount module added, progress: 60%
  • Game acceleration feature research, data preparation, progress: 60%
  • GUI optimization, progress 60%


  • Added DoH guide for Opera browser
  • Added link to DeeperGPT
  • Fixed a compatibility issue on user consent page
  • Fixed a DNS issue
  • Fixed a forwarding issue under Wi-Fi mode
  • Fixed a MAC address issue
  • Fixed an SSL proxy issue
  • Updated global connection map

DPN-App bug fixes version updates:
  • Automatically switch bad node feature
  • Fixed other bugs and UI version updates:
  • Merged windows-gvisor
  • Fixed page loading bug issue
  • Added run time records. iOS 14 and iOS 16 systems have been running continuously for 18 hours. Continue to test stability
  • Fixed a bug after the network was disconnected and restored
  • Optimized parts of UI and other features version updates:
  • Users upload log to monitor the stability
  • Fixed certain bugs in iOS version updates:
  • Improved the uploading of some user information
  • Code optimization version updates:
  • Users can now submit feedback on the backend. If feedback is accepted by the team, users will receive DPR as a reward.
  • Code optimization

Deeper Chain

Important tech submission

In July:

  • DeeperGPT interface updates GPT-4 API, adjusted multiple parameters, and added Deeper monthly report and knowledge base
  • 1.3.0.dep2 was released to improve stability. Binding/unbinding wallets will regenerate Eth addresses. Withdrawals will no longer be based on Eth addresses, but on Deeper wallet addresses.
  • Hardware wallet (20% joint debugging of front-end and back-end, completed  front-end registration process page):
  • HD-Wallet (
  • Added CELO, LINEA, PLAM, and AUROTA test network compatibility, and added Polygon, mumbai, arbitrum, ARB_GEO, OPTIMISM, AVALANCHE, MOONBEAM, MOONRIVER, FANTOM, HARMONY, and BASE main network compatibility
  • Added the scan_keystores interface, which all addresses stored in the keystore.
  • Wallet-Core-Interact (private:
  • Added scan_keystores, hd_store_import, export_mnemonic, keystore_common_accounts interfaces, add_tx, get_tx_list, get_tx database read and write interfaces
  • Added ProxyHandler_get_erc20_balance balance acquisition interface, ProxyHandler_get_erc20_meta metadata (including Token name, symbol, decimals) acquisition interface, ProxyHandler_get_toke_price real-time price acquisition interface
  • Fixed deeper-device-stake and deeper-miner-backed

In August:

  • Deploy the Deeper service status monitoring platform ( to help the community understand Deeper Connect services more transparently 
  • Added Genesis Node staking switch to Basic Mining 2.0, transaction suspension safety function 
  • Repaired ETH-BSC-Deeper cross-chain bridge moment.js dependency library
  • Fixed a bug of abnormal pointer modification when the withdrawal of DPR-EZC-Bridge failed
  • Hardware wallet
    Front-end (complete the mnemonic phrase and private key import process page):
  • Backend (wallet-core-interact, new transaction history interface)

Technical Scheme Discussion:

Technical document reference:

Community News

  • Deeper Network Chief Evangelist Eric Ma held a live voice AMA on Twitter Space to update Deeper Network's latest news and answer community questions
  • Continue to share the tips on the use of Deeper Connect devices
  • Continue to educate the community on cybersecurity 《New Mystic Stealer MalwareMeta confirms it is blocking EU-based users from accessing Threads via VPNDePIN and DeREN》《Transition to Deeper Network Basic Mining 2.0
  • Shared Deeper Network’s participation in the 2023 Polkadot Hackathon event
  • Updated official website shipping and refund policy
  • Shared how to use Deeper Connect devices to save money (booking flights, hotels, subscriptions, etc.)
  • Polls on Twitter and Instagram to understand users’ usage habits and concerns about network security-related features
  • Deeper Connect Air pre-launch giveaway campaign completed successfully and six lucky winners were selected
  • SubWallet collaboration announcement, users can store DPR in hot non-custodial wallets
  • KOL YouTube channel support: Deepernaut, EXCESSORIZE ME, Mehedi Shakeel, Tech With Tim, Hardware Sugar,PowerCert Animated Videos, JS神技能, Lando Kalriz, TechSource, Diolinux Labs, GizChina Italia, Jason Santos, Nitin shared unboxing videos of Deeper Connect Air

Marketing News

In July:

  • New platform: The official Amazon flagship store has been launched. More devices will be launched soon
  • The Deeper Connect Air: many KOLs received the prototypes, and small-scale testing has begun, while software and hardware optimization work has been carried out
  • Collaboration with key customers: Continue to deepen bulk purchase agreements in UAE and other countries. The demand in the Middle East has increased significantly, and Deeper Network will continue to provide support
  • Summer sale launched on 7/14-7/23
  • Deeper Network attended the LTX exhibition from 7/29 to 7/30 and met with Linus Tech who agreed to make a non-sponsored review video for a Deeper Connect device

In August:

  • Prepared the launch of New Egg flagship online store
  • Deeper Connect Air was officially launched on August 15 on Indiegogo. The raised amount reached $100k in a few hours after the launch with user support around the world.
  • Collaboration with key customers: in addition to new growth in the Middle East, the Deeper Network increase in demand from Japan in East Asia, and are discussing possible further collaboration with local agents
  • Media website collaborated with 8 large-scale technology and public websites, including yahoo, digitaltrends, techcrunch, etc.
  • A new version of the homepage was launched on August 19, which added demonstrations of key feature scenes, as well as upgraded and revised banners and product images.
  • Back to school sale launched between 8/28-9/2 


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