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How to watch NBA with the Deeper Connect Air

How to watch NBA with the Deeper Connect Air - Deeper Network

NBA League Pass is a service that lets you watch live and on-demand NBA games. However, in the US and Canada, some games are restricted due to NBA blackouts. These blackouts prevent local games from being shown due to broadcasting rights. But with the International NBA League Pass, you can avoid these blackouts and watch every game. For example, the NBA League Pass India costs around $19.99 USD a year and has no blackouts.

To determine which version of NBA League Pass to offer, the service uses geolocation tracking to detect the viewer's location and IP address. With app relocator function, the Deeper Connect Air can provide an alternative IP address from India, allowing you to watch the games without any blackouts and at a cheaper price.

Using the Deeper Connect Air has advantages over using a VPN. It doesn't slow down your internet speeds and doesn't limit the number of connections you can use at one time. It works with every streaming device, making it easy to watch your favorite games on your preferred device.

How to sign up for an NBA League Pass in India with Deeper Connect Air?

If you want to sign up for NBA League Pass India to enjoy all NBA games without blackouts for an entire season at a low price of $13.27, you can use Deeper Connect Air. Here's how to do it:

Step 1

Connect any device to the Deeper Connect Air network, and log in to Then, set the tunnel to India on the NBA League Pass under the function of app relocator.

Deeper Connect Air: APP Relocator - Say goodbye to geo-restrictions with our DPN.


Step 2
Open an incognito window in your browser, and navigate to on your computer while connected to Deeper Connect Air. Look for the "League Pass Annual" option and click on "buy". You will notice that the pricing is in Indian Rupees. At the moment, 999 Rupees equals only $16 USD..

Watching NBA from anywhere in the world with Deeper Connect Air


Step 3

You will be asked to register for an account and choose India as your country during the sign-up process.

Learn how to watch NBA games from anywhere in the world with Deeper Connect Air


Step 4

Enter your credit card information and click on the "Submit" button.
Note: The credit card payments may be restricted for certain countries, so please choose an alternative payment method if necessary.

Subscribe to the NBA at a cheaper price with Deeper Connect Air


After creating your account and purchasing the NBA League Pass India subscription, download the NBA League Pass app on your preferred streaming device, and log in with your new account. Ensure that your device is connected to the Deeper Connect Air network with NBA League Pass switched to India for uninterrupted access to all NBA games without blackouts.


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