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How to watch NFL with the Deeper Connect Air

How to watch NFL with the Deeper Connect Air - Deeper Network
Watching the entire NFL season can be a complicated and expensive affair, with most cable providers and streaming services not showing all the games and subscriptions quickly becoming costly.

In some countries, NFL game rights and blackout laws make it even more challenging to access all the games.

However, in Canada, you can watch every single regular season NFL game for only $16.66 a month ($199.99 Annual) on the NFL network channel. And with Deeper Connect Air, you can easily access DAZN Canada from anywhere in the world. Sign up now to receive the launching date and huge discount.

How to watch NFL on DAZN Canada if you are not in Canada?

Step 1

Simply connect the Deeper Connect Air, make sure it is working properly 

Step 2

Go to the dashboard of Deeper Connect Air and find the DAZN setting in the App Relocator function

Deeper Connect Air App Relocator function - unblock geo-restrictions anywhere


Step 3

Switch your DAZN tunnel to Canada

Unblock geo-restrictions with Deeper Connect Air

Step 4

Sign up and start enjoying every Monday, Thursday, Sunday afternoon, Sunday night NFL stream, and every playoff matchup of each season without compromise.

Subscribe to NFL games for cheaper with Deeper Connect Air

Service Price List

Service Provider


No Blackouts

DAZN Canada

$16.66/month 🤯

Watch every game

SlingTV (orange & blue)


Includes blackouts

Hulu Live TV


Includes blackouts

Fubo TV


Includes blackouts

Youtube TV


Includes blackouts