Deeper Network Monthly Newsletter:2022/2/1–2022/2/28

Deeper Network Monthly Newsletter:2022/2/1–2022/2/28

Deeper Network’s Monthly Newsletter is a brief bulletin containing the latest community developments, technical updates, and market status of our project. It is periodically released at the end of each month for our community members. We would like to thank every member of the Deeper Network community for your attention and support. Here are the latest updates:

Technical Updates


  • Deeper Connect + Helium exclusive hardware EU868 certification approved and in the production stage
  • Deeper Connect + Helium exclusive hardware US915 certification approved and in the production stage
  • Deeper Connect + Helium exclusive hardware AU915 certification approved and in the production stage
  • Deeper Connect + Helium exclusive hardware IC certification submitted
  • Deeper Connect + Helium exclusive hardware AS923 certification submitted (Agent submitted)
  • Deeper Connect storage exclusive hardware, appearance design, progress: 60%


  1. AtomOS Development Process
  • 1.1.14.rel worldwide push update, 93% completed
  • 1.1.14.rel manual update, auto-update deployed
  • 1.1.15.Pre1 deployed the test version, will push to testers after completing the initial recruitment

2. AtomOS Troubleshoot:

  • 1.1.14.rel fixed:
    - Updated the Wi-Fi page
    - Fixed the disconnection issue between Deeper Connect and Deeper Chain
    - Fixed data packet fault tolerance
    - Fixed SSL filter
    - Improved connection response speed with Deeper Chain
    - Improved SSL filter
    - Resolved the download issue caused by insufficient new feature testing with 1.1.13rel

3. Deeper Chain:

Community News

  • The Gleam giveaway campaign was completed with 6 lucky winners
  • The first developer/tester community meeting was completed and the recruitment is on-going
  • Deeper Network CMO, Eric Ma hosted an AMA in its official Telegram community, was interviewed by 499 Block Global Web3 Roundtable event, Hope English Podcast. Also was interviewed by Youtube Channels: Eddy Live Show, Figure it Out Crypto. Participated in New Zealand and Australian community AMA
  • Youtube channels: Carlos Correia, Action.CEO, Full Value Dan, Scytheanomics, Tactical Investing, Crypto Scrapyard, Cocolab, Modo Tech, Jabber Tech, SECrypto, Your Friend Andy, and HeliumHub, voluntarily released videos about the Deeper Network project on their Youtube channels.
  • Published the article “Deeper Network Kickstarts The Great Web 2 to Web 3 Migration” on Medium. Cryptoslate and PA News published articles about the Deeper Network project
  • Chinese community: held Chinese New Year celebration giveaway events including “Summarized the annual events of 2021, win Deeper Network New Year gift Package,” “Happy Chinese New Year”, and “Happy Lantern Day, Riddle guess activity” with 26 winners.
  • Deeper Senior Engineer Bin Guo attended the live broadcast of Substrate Year-end Review of 2021, which was co-hosted by One Block and Party; and shared the key milestones in technical, application, and ecosystem developments of Deeper Network
  • Deeper Network branding strategy in 2022
  • Several Chinese media: Yidianzixun, CSDN, Cointelegrapch Chinese, Bitpush, Jianshu, Eastmoney etc. reported about the Deeper Network project in-depth and published nine articles to explain the importance of Deeper Network in the Web world.
  • Deeper Network nodes are continuously expanding into Mainland China.

Marketing News

  • New reseller relations developed in United States, Mexico, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, South Africa, Australia, Taiwan, Vietnam, and completed the first round of Deeper Connect and HNT Combo sales
  • Pico crowdfunding campaign sold about $3.3 million so far
  • As per feedback from the Deeper Network community, the “Buy 5 Pico combo, get free DPR reward” activity has extended to Mar 12, 2022
  • Unbox Therapy, one of the world’s top Youtuber, released a Deeper video (product evaluation + in-depth interview with Deeper Network CMO Eric Ma about Deeper Web 3.0 blueprint). The official website traffic, sales, and Deeper Connect Pico crowdfunding reached a record high during that week
  • The official retail price of Deeper HNT Miner and duo-mining Miner Combo have been adjusted to $299 and $599 respectively. Sales are booming, the first batch pre-orders have been sold out, and the pre-orders from the 4th Quarter of 2021 will be shipped in mid-March
  • Deeper HNT Miner European frequency EU868 launched for pre-sale on; Australian frequency AU915 will be available for pre-sale in March
  • The Affiliate Program launched on Deeper Network’s official website. About 900 users signed up in February and generated more than $200,000 in referral sales.


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