Deeper Network Bi-Monthly Newsletter: 2023/11/01–2023/12/31

Deeper Network Bi-Monthly Newsletter: 2023/11/01–2023/12/31

Deeper Network’s bi-monthly newsletter is a brief bulletin containing the latest community developments, technical updates, and market status of our project. It is periodically released at the beginning of every other month for our community members. We would like to thank every member of the Deeper Network community for your contributions and support. Here are the latest updates:

Technical Updates


The new Deeper Connect Pico development- using standard RJ45 network port and TYPE-A USB port- completed proofing and verification, and is in trial production in small batches.

The Deeper Connect Air -completed its first mass production and have all shipped to Indiegogo backers.

Deeper Connect Mini- under product development, with even lower power consumption reduced further by 25%. The prototype is being tested.


AtomOS Development Progress: 

  • Firmware version 1.2.3.rel was released
  • The DPN load balancing feature module, progress: 99% (was released with 1.2.3.rel)
  • Automatic updates for Ads filter rules, progress: 99% (was released with 1.2.3.rel)
  • Optimization of Bit Torrent Sharing disablement feature, progress: 99% (was released with 1.2.3.rel)
  • Refactoring of the traffic statistics module, progress: 70%
  • The fast configuration smart route list development feature, progress: 70%
  • The APP-Relocator, cryptocurrency exchanges development module, progress: 80%
  • Support for IP ranges in the App-Relocator application, progress: 60%
  • ACL-Control development, progress: 60%
  • Enabling/disabling specific applications for HTTPS filtering, progress: 60%
  • DPN node latency testing feature development, progress: 60%
  • Scheduled restart feature development, progress: 60%
  • Direct modification of tunnel through smart route list configuration, progress: 60%
  • Research and data preparation for game acceleration feature, progress: 80%
  • GUI optimization and multilingual support development, progress: 80%


  • Added rule type for customized HTTPS rules
  • Upgraded BitTorrent detection
  • Added NAT Traversal ability for tunnels
  • Fixed a bug for Enable HTTPS filtering checkbox
  • Fixed a loop issue under Vwire+DHCP
  • Added new buttons on Sharing Log page
  • Added Frequency Band selection (Vwire & AP Router)
  • Added Kill Switch recovery

Deeper Chain

Important tech submission:

In November

  • Deeper Chain test network upgrade Polkadot-sdk
  • Optimize Deeperscan API query efficiency
  • Solve double-spending issue in DEP withdrawals
  • Complete the front-end page of the wallet registration and backup process
  • Added Node Selection Mode on tunnel page
  • Added tech support page
  • Added HTTPS ads filter rule auto update
  • Added Wi-Fi forget button
  • Improved real-time traffic statistics chart
  • Upgraded security
  • Redesigned App Relocator page
  • Added support for old Pico on the dual Wi-Fi antenna dongle

In December

  1. Completed Cool Wallet MVP version features, including:
  • Wallet registration feature: new account creation, mnemonic phrase, and private key import
  • Wallet transfer/receiving: transfers and receipts for Ethereum and contract tokens
  • Transaction query: token transactions and history
  1. Deeperscan: resolved #60 API query bug, significantly boosting API server query efficiency
  2. DPR-ETH-bridge: automated BSC network parameter configuration in Ethereum wallets, enhancing data update frequency and real-time accuracy
  3. Cp-slack-debug: implemented device-side data chain functionality, improving fault diagnosis efficiency

Technical Scheme Discussion: 

  • Design and implementation of Deeperscan data table migration and splitting plan
  • Design and implementation of cp-slack-debug data link debugging solution
  • Design and implementation of community validator RPC resource utilization and block production monitoring
  • Design and implementation of Cool Wallet's Ethereum network and contract coin interaction scheme

    Technical document reference:

    Community News
    • Shared the Deeper Connect’s features intro videos on YouTube
    • Shared the importance of network security with the community
    • The New Deeper Connect Pico launched on the website
    • Reduced the burning of 50 DPR/ per credit to 30 DPR/ per credit through community governance voting
    • Deeper Network Chief Evangelist Eric Ma held a live voice AMA on Twitter Space to update Deeper Network's latest news and answer community questions
    • Shared the differences between cybersecurity and privacy posts
    • Shared Black Friday Sale: save up to 60% off campaign
    • First batch of the Deeper Connect Air dispatched to Indiegogo backers
    • Shared an infographic of device comparison (Deeper Connect Pico, Air, DPR Mini SE & Mini)
    • Shared the Deeper-related terms to help the community understand the project: trackers, proxies, decentralized infrastructure, etc.
    • Share that Deeper Network is the world's first wired DePIN project and provide information about DePIN
    • Launched the Deeper Connect dual-antenna on the official website and promotional events, also provided tutorial videos on connecting with the Deeper Connect Pico
    • Engaged the community on social media by asking Deeper-related poll questions 
    • Announced that the Deeper Chain cross-chain bridge has increased from 1 million DPR every day to 150,000 DPR every 3 hours, providing users from different regions with opportunities to participate
    • Reminded users to avoid falling victim to unofficial account scams; Deeper currently has not initiated any airdrop activities
    • Published articles: 《Deeper Network’s NPoW and EZC Plans for Launch After Successful Beta TestingandFake VPN Chrome extensions force-installed 1.5 million times
    • Shared a series of tutorial videos on the Deeper Network YouTube channel.
    • KOL YouTube channel support: Diego, DeeperNaut, Bazaar Repairs, David Reese, Bulan Crypto, KryptoStars, and Coin-Seeds

    Marketing News 

    In November:

    • Indiegogo crowdfunding: the official crowdfunding phase has ended, users from around the world continue to actively participate
    • The Deeper Connect Air updates: the mass production models of Deeper Connect Air have undergone improvements in heat dissipation performance, with optimizations made to components such as PCB and antennas. The first batch of 200 units has begun mass production
    • KOL collaboration: many Key Opinion Consumers (KOC) have proactively contacted the project for collaboration
    • Major clients collaboration: during the Black Friday special, we provided significant discounts to distributors for bulk purchases, leading to major customers and distributors from various countries 
    • Amazon Store: our Amazon store (including Amazon US and Canada) is gradually expanding its product line including: the Deeper Connect Pico Set, Wi-Fi adapters, cooling bases, etc
    • Campaigns: launched different campaigns- the New Deeper Connect Pico Set, flash sales, and annual discounts on all devices

    In December: 

    • Indiegogo crowdfunding: special offers for Black Friday and Christmas to thank our backers and receive positive feedback. The first batch of 200 units of Deeper Connect Air has been sent to the backers. The second batch is scheduled to be launched in the middle of the month, shipping to warehouses worldwide and arranging deliveries
    • Amazon Store: Our Amazon store (including Amazon US and Canada) is undergoing a comprehensive redesign, including the reintegration of featured devices and the restructuring of subsequent service processes
    • Campaigns: launched Christmas events: offering numerous gift sets, including new dual-antenna WiFi adapters, multifunctional storage bags
    • Development of sales team training program