Affiliate Program

Do you like sharing good news with others? Are you an influencer on social media or other platforms? Are you looking forward to all the amazing things Web 3.0 will bring?
If you said yes to any of these questions,
Please join our Affiliate Program and earn 10% commission for each device sold.
Join us today and help to spread the amazing tech Deeper Network is building!

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To become a brand ambassador, you first need to be a Deeper Network affiliate. Brand Ambassadors are selected based on their success as an affiliate.

As a brand ambassador, you can earn 15% commissions. The Deeper Network will also recognize and promote brand ambassador across our community periodically. Good luck!

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Brand Ambassador

Our ambassadors influence their communities through their respected opinions and expertise.
Their knowledge influences other people’s decisions.
Become a brand ambassador for Deeper Network and help share our vision with your community!

How we work together


Our ambassadors actively inform their communities with news and updates regarding Deeper Network developments.


Our ambassadors take on leadership roles for important Deeper Network campaigns and events.


Our ambassadors gather and provide feedback from their communities to the Deeper Network team regarding our products and services.

How to be selected as a brand ambassador

Quantitative Standard

Each ambassador's Indiegogo and/or official shop website referral sales performance will be evaluated at the end of each month. Those that meet our standards will be chosen.

Qualitative Standard

Creating comprehensive, creative, informative and engaging content on any popular platform will help you become a brand ambassador. Followers and subscriber numbers could also influence your chances of becoming a brand ambassador.